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 Posted: Sep 2 2016, 04:52 PM
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site rules

Please read all of these rules. Most of them are common knowledge, but we ask that you read through them anyway. If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to PM an administrator for clarification.


  1. Respect. Seriously. For us, roleplaying is a relaxing past-time where we can sit back, chill out with cool people, and write. The site operates on a three strike policy, so please help us keep the peace so it's fun for everyone.
  2. Rating. This forum has been upgraded to premium which means we'll only be accepting members who are at least eighteen years of age. Characters and PBs must also be over the age of eighteen.
  3. Advertising.There is no advertising allowed on the board except for the appropriate forums in the advertising section which are guest friendly. If we find advertisements elsewhere, they'll be deleted without notice.
  4. Registering. Please first register with your alias. You don't have to worry about uppercase or lowercase.

Character Creation

  1. Sub-Accounts. We have the sub-accounts enabled here, so once you register your OOC account, you can register your character account and link the two via your OOC control panel. Character accounts should be registered as first and last name.
  2. Template. We use a shipper application which means once accepted, you will also use this as your shipper and tracker. Failure to use the provided template will result in application deletion.
  3. Application title. Please post your application with the character's last name first. Topic descriptions including the character's species, age, and play-by are not required, but encouraged.
  4. works in progress. If you are posting an application that is not done, you must put (WIP) somewhere in the title, then bump the topic once the application is finished.
  5. Creation time. Applications must be finished within one week of when they were posted. After a week, it will be pended. After that, you have three days. If the application is not finished by then, it will be denied.
  6. Character limit. We do not have a limit on the number of characters you can make. However, staff reserves the right to deny applications if the member is simply creating many characters without playing them.
  7. Class Limit. In order to keep spots open for new members, we are only allowing one Class 5 Special per member at this time. The exception to this rule is if you are making a second class five character for a new faction.


  1. Literacy. While we do not have a word count, we do expect quality posts. This includes using proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar, as well as content. We want you to have fun, but we also would like to understand your writing with relative ease.
  2. Point of view. Please write your posts in third person. Applications may be done however you wish, but in-character posts should be done in third (e.g. He/she/they) and preferably in past tense.
  3. Triggers. For more information on content warnings, please see this thread. Mature content should be tagged with "M" in the title, regardless.


  1. Avatars. We do require avatars of your chosen PB. The size is 250x400. If you need graphics made, just ask.
  2. gifs. Gifs for the miniprofile are not required but strongly encouraged. The size for these is 80x80.
  3. Signatures. Signatures are completely optional, but please make them no larger than 500x200.


  1. Main Cbox. Please be respectful and keep in mind that this is public. Do not post mature content here without a "nsfw" warning before the link is posted. Do not harass each other or staff, and if there's a confrontation, please refrain from furthering it and PM an administrator instead. No advertising of any kind in the cbox.
  2. discord. The same rules apply for discord as the main cbox, so please be respectful. You can find our discord link here.
  3. icc. The in-character chat is a privilege, so please don't abuse it. Approved characters only. It may contain mature content from time to time, so click with care.


  1. member based. Every member will need at least one IC post in the last three weeks in order to remain active. If a member has an inactive character, it won't be marked as inactive unless the member is inactive, or at the member's request.
  2. Absence notices. If you are going to be gone for a week or more, please post an absence notice, letting us know when you're leaving and your estimated time back. Your characters will not be deemed inactive during this time unless you are gone for two months or more.
  3. Activity checks. We will not be posting activity checks. Administrators will go through the member directory every so often to check accounts and clear out those who are inactive.
Thank you for reading the rules and happy rp'ing with Code 8.

poke me if you need anything! sig code credits go to brooklyn of caution.
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