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 Delacroix, rebecca, 32 | Feeler | Keira Knightley
Rebecca Delacroix
 Posted: Dec 11 2017, 01:16 AM
Class 4
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Rebecca Delacroix

  • full name: Rebecca Marie Delacroix
  • age: 32
  • gender: Female
  • occupation: Actress
  • power/class: Feeler (4)


  • face claim: Keira Knightley
  • height: 5'7"
  • tattoos: None yet
  • piercings: Ear lobes
  • scars: None


  • sexuality: Pansexual
  • relationship status: Single
  • current partner: None
  • parents: Edward Delacroix & Carmen Delacroix (Both Deceased), Adopted by Henry Carlisle (75) & Judy Carlisle (70)
  • siblings: Samuel Carlisle (41 - Adopted)
  • children: None


  • physical ailments: None
  • mental ailments: Dyslexia
  • allergies: Bees.
  • addictions: None
  • smoking: Nothing to worry the doctor over.
  • drinking: Where's the fun in a glass of water?
  • drug use: Never

Joy and woe are woven fine,

A clothing for the soul divine;

A freefrom interview? Are you sure you wouldn’t rather ask me a set of questions? That seems far more organized, and I’m sure I would miss something or else talk incessantly about strange topics no one really cares about if left to my own devices. Not that I don’t love to talk, mind you, because I do… but I do have quite a habit of babbling, I have been told. No? Okay… Yes, yes, I know what the blinking red light means, darling. Alright, then. Ready?

My name is Rebecca Marie Delacroix, and I would like to think that my life is, so far, an unfinished masterpiece. An adventure of sorts, or perhaps a great play. Perhaps not a timeless one such as Hamlet or A Midsummer Night’s, but a tale nonetheless. Aren’t we all characters in this story? Our own tragedies and romances, our foibles and our triumphs. I’m sure that somewhere, in another time or dimension or reality, someone is enraptured by us.

First things first, I suppose, is that I am the adopted sister of Samuel Carlisle. I know, I know, I'm a lucky girl. I don't quite remember much of life before the Carlisle's myself. My first family were close personal friends and business partners of the Carlisle's. The kind that went on vacations together, spent holidays and weekends together. I have vague memories of walking about the garden with their little boy, Sam, and watching his living room plays. There are whole scrapbooks of pictures and family videos, but... but I feel quite bad in that I don't remember them much. I believe my mother had my eyes? My biological parents passed away in a car crash. Coming back from the airport after a business trip. I was staying with the Carlisles and Samuel, and being practically family and having none left of my own, they were left to decide what to do with me. They didn't even hesitate. I had always been like a sister to Sam, anyway.

My childhood was lovely from that point onward and really, there is little I can say that can paint the perfection in a way to do it justice. My family is… my everything. There is nothing I would not do for them, and I know without doubt that there is nothing they would not do for me in return. My adopted parents, Henry and Judy Carlisle, were loving, supportive and doting when it came to raising Samuel and I. They taught us to be independent, to appreciate the arts, and to seek more from life than what most people might settle for. Not to say that they pushed us especially hard or were forceful with their hopes for us. No, Sam and I aspired high on our own. Mm. Well, perhaps that is not totally true. Samuel saw the challenge for what it was at a young age, and was intent on racing toward that goal until he met and exceeded it. I? My challenge was to keep pace. Who else will keep my new brother on his toes?

It is what little sisters do best, after all. No, you needn’t get that gleam in your eye. You journalists, all the same. Aside from our banter and our competitive natures, Samuel and I aren’t the least bit antagonistic with one another. He is my biggest fan, and I dare you to find anyone who loves and adores him more than I, save perhaps his mother. I will admit, I am sure he had his doubts about me at first. Even at such a young age, Samuel was… different. It would be some years until I was anything more than the squealing, squirming, pink blanket toting baby sister. Sam has always been studious, and driven, and overwhelmingly intelligent. Perhaps not the most patient, but with me he has never once lost patience. And, my, I have certainly given him plenty of reason to! I was not the most attentive audience for his monologues, and I will admit I did not understand why he chose such serious pieces to play out during his living room performances… but I simply didn’t know then. I was watching a star be born with each passing day, you see, and as he grew and matured and became masterful at what he now does with such ease… how could I not be inspired to follow in his footsteps?

It was not easy, despite how he made it look. I loved to learn, and I still do, but back then I had quite a hard time of it. I loved talking about history and studying art and culture, and literature provided countless worlds to discover and there was really nothing that didn’t fascinate me in some way. But as I grew and made it through one year of school and the next, it became difficult. Other children were advancing so easily. They could read, write, and formulate at a pace that seemed astonishing to me, but I later found out was wholly average. It was me that was falling behind.

Under every grief and pine

Runs a joy with silken twine.

The numbers and dates, the letters and the words… nothing was lining up right. One looked like the other or looked like nothing at all, and it took me sometimes thrice as long to read a paragraph my peers had breezed through in a matter of moments. It was terribly frustrating, as I loved to read and I wanted to be like my adopted brother, but… it seemed I had come upon my first challenge.

Dyslexia. It seemed my ineptitude with letters and numbers had a name and a whole plethora of information that explained just why my mind hit the fritz when it came to such simple tasks as reading my mother’s grocery lists. It wasn’t especially severe, the specialists said. More of an annoyance than anything, and one I would have to learn to live with. I was devastated. I was only twelve. They were talking of holding me back a grade. I tried so hard and worked and studied and there was progress, if you were being optimistic about it. If it hadn’t been for Samuel, I’m sure I would have given up on that dream of being an actress, as he had already long since begun finding his fame.

Samuel is gifted. Charming, intelligent, and gentle with those in need of compassion. I will admit, I had fears that he would tire of me. I was nothing special and apparently couldn’t decipher the books he read or the papers he wrote or the reviews he was so proud of without bumbling and scraping my way through it. He helped me. Whenever Sam was home or visiting, whether we met up for lunches or movie nights or the like, he was grilling me and pushing me in my studies and learning how to make the words I struggled with fall into line. He was relentless, but in that loving way that only a brother is capable of. We practiced reading his scripts, and it seemed that like Sam, the talent for theatre had been gifted to me, as well. We grew ever closer, letting the Bard’s words and the director’s notes solidify an already ironclad bond that was between us. I swear, sometimes we could read each other’s minds. Only, that would be silly, of course.

I’m sure, at this point, you know much of the rest of my life. Thanks to Sam’s tenacity, I didn’t just pass but I excelled. I took up as many skills and hobbies as I could. Piano, horseback riding, archery, figure skating… there was so much I wanted to do and I wasn’t going to back down until I could say that, by god, at least I tried. Oh, it wasn’t easy. There were plenty of tears and late nights and fits of frustration, but I managed to graduate high school, and then college. USC School for the Dramatic Arts, like Samuel, with as many majors and minors in history, art, and literature as I could have them fork over. Or my brother, really. He’s quite persuasive.

The letters still love to tease me, but I’ve had the pleasure and great fortune of starring in many a wonderful film and quite a few marvelous plays. My favorite? It’s hard to decide… the victorian ladies or the pirates? Oh, there was that role in Star Wars, as well… There’s been far too many and each role has a special place in my heart but, the favorite...Oh, that would have to be the part I had alongside Sam. About Alan Turing, have you seen it? Marvelous, isn’t it? It was delightful and, my, he is so serious about it. Good thing I was there to liven him up. Don’t let his polite gentility fool you. Sam is the typical big brother once you get him out of that intensity he so likes to wear. It does suit him though, doesn’t it?

Mm? Ah. Right. Romance. I suppose I couldn’t avoid that question for long. No, ah, there has been no special someone as of late… I am taking my time. It’s been hard, you see, since the accident. It’s been a few years now, but… well. These things are never easy and never really leave you, do they?

Tristan was… a bit too perfect. No, no, I do not say that lightly. He was goofy, and light hearted, and so… so alive. I think I knew, when I first met him at that premiere, that he would be something special. He was always smiling, always eager to try something new and exciting. We went everywhere. Tokyo, Switzerland, Brazil, India… No, there was no favorite destination. He was my favorite. The rest was only a backdrop in comparison. And a lovely one, at that. My parents loved him, and even Samuel admired him, I think. My only regret is keeping our engagement so long. I thought there would be so much more time.

No, I… I try not to think about that day. It was any other day, really. But I remember the sunset, and how it painted the cliffs such wonderful colors. My latest obsession at the time was painting, and I was chattering at Tristan about bringing my easel out there and painting the view. Silly, I know. He’d taken up hiking, which is why we were there at all. But it grew dark as we returned to the car and the path was slick right there on the edge… and he slipped on the path and… and my Tristan was gone.

Can I have a moment, please?

It is right it should be so;

Man was made for joy and woe;

Ahem. I apologize, I just.. It is quite difficult, still. It’s been a few years but it may as well have been yesterday and- I’m sorry? No, that’s not… No. Being a Feeler has little to do with it, frankly. I suppose that’s the real point of this interview, then? Ah. Well, let me be clear, once again, as it seems all the other statements and assurances and proof that I have given to the press seem to not take deep root... I did not nor did I ever influence my fiance’s emotions. I did not trick him into loving me. I did not brainwash him. What happened that evening on the Redstone Cliffs was an accident. I would never… I would never influence him or anyone else into taking their life.

Why yes, I would say that being ‘found out’ as a Special has been quite challenging. Are you being funny? You’re failing spectacularly, I must say. No, it was not a conspiracy. And truthfully I never meant to keep it such a secret. I suppose I simply had the audacity to believe that my own personal life could remain private. Had anyone asked I assure you, I would not have lied. I have nothing to hide and the world has nothing to fear from me. I have not used my abilities to garner favor or win my fame. I worked hard for it, and here I am. Though, to be blunt, there’s been quite a few less job offers. It seems I am suddenly ill-fit to play most parts I normally would, since I am now a registered Special. It is rather funny to me, yes, because I’ve been a Special since I was fourteen. How did I-? Oh, please. Everyone knows by now. Yes, yes, an entire audience was reduced to hysterical tears thanks to my powers. It was a harmless accident, I assure you. How was I to know that playing poor Ophelia would spark such a reaction in a middle school auditorium? Really. You paint me as a witch.

Of course I knew. It is quite eye opening, I can assure you, to suddenly have the raw ability to influence emotions and watch them play out around you. Rage, despair, joy, terror… it’s overwhelming. But I was always careful. No one knew and I was determined to master it to the best of my ability, lest I inadvertently influence someone a touch too far. Small mercy that I took to it far more easily than I had my letters, or this supposed secret of mine would have been exposed far earlier. I do wish it had come out differently. I suppose, though, that is why I kept Tristan’s funeral small. I did not anticipate such a rude, prying audience.

It is over and done with now. My apologies. It is quite a touchy, painful subject for me. Most matters of the heart are that way. My family has been my biggest support system and I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that I could not have made it through all of this without the unwavering support and loyalty of Samuel. He has been unfailing, as always. He would probably do far better in this sort of interview, really.

Yes, with my status as a Special now public I have had the opportunity to take up a more solid stance when it comes to Specials and their rights. I believe every life is sacred and worthy of respect, and the current conditions that Specials everywhere are subjected to are unacceptable and inhumane. I do not understand how a world that has advanced so far can still be so archaic when it comes to the common decency we afford one another. There are people starving, without a roof or shelter above their heads, who are dying from sickness and deplorable conditions, only because an employer will not grant them an interview. They cannot feed their families. They cannot achieve any semblance of their dreams and they cannot even stand on the street corner and beg for spare change, because an Enforcer will come along and send them back into the shadows they are forced to live in. It is wrong. It is cruel, and barbaric, and if being human is to be so heartless, then I am proud to say I am not human. You are so eager to label us as anything but, anyway. I am Special. I am proud, and I will not be silent in order to protect my money or my fame. If I hand it all over, will the leaders of this city consider showing mercy to their Special citizens then? Let me know, sir. I’ve been described to be quite adept at writing checks.

Yes, you are sorry for upsetting me. I am well aware, dear. I can Feel it, after all.

And when this we rightly know,

Safely through the world we go

No. Despite my determination and apparent zeal, I do not support violence. That’s the empath in me showing, I suppose. I only operate under the delusion that eventually, the citizens of this city will come to their senses and realize that they are persecuting themselves into a very dark, hellish existence. Hopefully, open discussion and understanding will win the day, and we can achieve peace through love and compassion. I can only remain hopeful.

Is that it? Yes, I’m just fine, thank you. Yes, I’m scheduled to appear in a number of upcoming movies and as always, I am quite eager to join my fellow actors and actresses on the theater stage. No, I have no plans for the holiday season other than many quiet nights at home by the fire and catching up on my reading. I’m really a big homebody and I’m quite content with a glass of wine and piano music. Why, yes, I will be attending her party… I’m sure I can coax Samuel into being my date. He’s an excellent dancer, as I’m sure his fan are well aware. Me? Oh, once you get me on the dancefloor you’re never dragging me off. Aside from the dancing and reading...let’s see… Ah, I ride. Horses, you cheeky thing.

As you can see.. I’m really not so different from anyone else. Just lucky. And loving my life, despite my challenges. That’s what makes life worth living, I think. I’m not slowing down anytime soon. I’m not apologizing for who I am. Life is a story and you had better believe that someone somewhere is going to remember me, one way or another.

An autograph? Of course, darling... Who shall I make it out to?


A talented actress and powerful Feeler, Rebecca Delacroix is navigating the tricky world of fame, fortune, and a Special Resistance. On the outside, she is the adopted sister of famed and adored actor Samuel Carlisle with firm footing in peaceful resistance and protest. Flip the coin, however, and she’s still much the same… only she goes by Rivka favors her adopted brother Samael's darker means of achieving a better world for Specials. A lover of art in all it’s shapes and forms, she lives in North Lincoln in her penthouse filled with books and music and her Shiba Inu, Icarus. She also rides quite frequently at a stable on Lincoln City’s outskirts and owns a horse called Spectre. A bit of a daredevil, there is nothing she wouldn’t try at least once.


Rebecca is free spirited and a lover of all things fun, adventurous and beautiful. She has a warm, playful charisma and is wickedly intelligent with a wit as sharp as a knife. She has an easy going nature but still has that rich, poised sort of regality that comes from a sure sense of confidence within herself and others. It is easy to make friends with her and she is adept at making anyone feel welcome, but those who are especially close are few and precious. Samuel is her very best friend and they are as thick as thieves. If she decides to be your friend… mm, sorry. You’ve really no choice in the matter.


The media loves a witch and she’s certainly an easy witch to frame. Though there is no one specific of note on her hate list, she has a seething hatred for any and all who would support any sort of prejudice against her fellow Specials. She is wary of Enforcers and blunt with the media, and is not afraid to speak her mind to anyone on the matter of what she believes is right and wrong for Specials. She is fiercely loyal to her family and Samuel, and has few qualms when it comes to defending Sam from whoever would dare to feel ill will towards him. And yes, she is well aware that sweet Samuel is the violently inclined Resistance leader, Samael. Her vigor isn’t weakened by this fact in the slightest.


Though not actively seeking a lover or relationship, Rebecca is opening herself to the world of dating. It’s a tender subject and aside from a good romp in the sheets, she really isn’t looking for long term commitment unless the person (man or woman) is very special and they share that connection she once had with her fiance, Tristan. A smooth tongued flirt and a fun, magnetic personality can draw people in like flies to honey… but please, be gentle with this Feeler’s heart.

About The Player

  • Alias: Imaginary
  • Age: 24
  • Characters: Rosel Silvia, Delta Morello, Jayne Alexander, Darci Garland and Rebecca Carlisle
  • (M)/Smut: Sure
  • Triggers: Nadda
  • Limits: None
  • Blurb: First things first, call me Ima. Anything else is just, sheesh, so formal. I live in East Tennessee with my three children- er, dogs, named Kaze, Joker, and Zuko. I am more than happy to show you as many pictures of them as you can handle, and then some. I’m your typical Hufflepuff and I love Star Wars, art, good ole southern charm, and I’m only a little bit addicted to Pinterest, I swear. I’ve been roleplaying since I was a kid but this is my first time as an admin, so be gentle! I’m excited to learn and eager to please, and will try to be of the best assistance as I can be if you have any questions. I love to talk about my characters and have a good time, and even though I make myself cringe on occasion, please feel free to say hi! I won’t bite!

Ima . EST . PM Discord#7470

 Posted: Dec 11 2017, 09:46 PM
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Tallulah Saros
 Posted: Dec 20 2017, 04:29 PM
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Rebecca & Tallulah

Although I am no where near as gifted as you are in writing info and personality blurbs on my characters (I really, really do suck at them lol), I feel that Becca and Tali have quite a few things in common and would likely get along pretty well as friends. Both strong, witty, financially secure women with a love of art and finer things and a shared darker views on how to best go about getting things done. Tali even owns an art gallery on the ritzier side of town. Friends, lunch buddies, resistance contacts... I'm open to a lot of things as I'm just getting her set up :D @IMAGINARY
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