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 Garland, Daniel, 35 | Feeler | Eddie Redmayne
Daniel Garland
 Posted: Dec 11 2017, 12:37 AM
Class 3
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Daniel Garland

  • full name: Ethan Daniel Garland (Changed to Daniel Ethan Garland)
  • age: 35
  • gender: Male
  • occupation: Doctor (ER)
  • power/class: Feeler (3)


  • face claim: Eddie Redmayne
  • height: 6’0”
  • tattoos: Tattoo on Spine
  • piercings: None
  • scars: One down the Opponens Pollicis of his right hand from a scalpel


  • sexuality: Demisexual
  • relationship status: Single
  • current partner: N/A
  • parents: Jeffrey Garland and Heather Garland
  • siblings: Darci Garland
  • children: None


  • physical ailments: None
  • mental ailments: None
  • allergies: Pollen
  • addictions: None
  • smoking: None
  • drinking: Occasional
  • drug use: None

Like Ships in the Night

You Keep Passing Me By

I've heard it said parents want the best for their children. I'm not sure I believe that anymore, I believe they want what they assume is best for them, and thusly that is passed on to the children. Yet the ideals, the values are not equal, so you cannot know what is best for someone unless you are that someone. Of course, I think this now...but when I was younger, I hadn't a clue.

I grew up with strict parents. Though I'm not even sure that begins to cover it. Mother and father felt...ruthless. There was much to be done and many chores and orders and expectations and if those weren't done or met, there was hell to pay. It varied, what they chose to inflict. Some days it was going to bed without food because you wouldn't eat supper, other days was a backhand because the hell was wrong with your ears or didn't you hear me. It didn't take much to learn that you complied. When I was little I didn't know better, this was life and this was how parents were because they were the adults. But...I felt differently when Darci came into the world.

She was so very tiny. I remember seeing her for the first time. Soft pink cheeks and big eyes. I was told I was a big brother and something about the word felt good, empowering. It was like I was given some sort of gift, a treasure to guard or a princess in a castle I was sworn to protect. A child's fancy, or course, but I loved my little sister from the moment I got to look at her and hold that squirmy little mass all swaddled up. I had hoped that our parents would relax once Darci was born, but they seemed to only get worse. If I had to put a word to it, I would say they became more intolerant. My mother became insistent about 'dealing with them’ and my father worked longer and harder hours to 'help his brothers’. Natrually, I was still young and not quite sure what that all meant, but I passed the time devoted to playing with and doing my best to care for Darci. She needed a happy life.

We we're not destined to have such.

I was a young teen, barely into puberty when I realized I could do something strange. It was another stressful night of angry parents and Darci was afraid. I had taken her away to our rooms, tried to play with her and comfort her as I always did. Yet it took a different turn. I remember wishing her to be happy, to laugh a little. There was such a strong desire in me to turn my sister's frown into something more that...I couldn't believe it when her tears stopped, and a smile bloomed on her face followed by ghosted laughter. In truth, I thought it might be dumb luck, but the next few weeks of similar events lead me to believe that I had some...ability to make people happy.

I had much more than that...actually.

I was twelve when I met 'Sophie’. To be honest, I thought it had all been a game of Darci’s. Our childhood wasn't great, what with moving all the time and my parents feverish and hateful talk of monsters who were 'special’. Strenuous doesn't begin to cover the emotional toll all of this took on us, but Darci most of all. If I thought I had it bad, my sweet sister would be locked in her closet for whatever my parents dubbed 'misbehaving’. In those times, I would sneak out and go talk to her from the other side of the door as quietly as I could. I didn't want her to be alone see? And I hoped that whatever power was in me could make her happier in there.

I never assumed Darci had...what do they call it? I'm not a psychiatrist sorry, I think it was...not quite multiple personality disorder but along those lines. I had just assumed it was Darci trying to get away from the anger that was our parents, and pretending to be someone else was the solution.

No...I'm not going to talk about me any more than I wish. Yes I got in trouble and no Darci wasn't the only one locked in a closet. Our parents were mean, strict, aggressive and unforgiving. They scared us with horror stories about people with powers and hit us when we didn't obey. Yes, me too, but that's all I'm saying about it.

The rest of my teen years continued like that. Angry parents telling us horror stories about Specials. I befriended a few, not believing my parents lies and I was quite glad I did. Darci did too, but she got in trouble for it because she said something. I tried to tell her to keep secrets, to never tell the truth to our parents but...I don't know if she really listened to that.

My father, and mother, were determined that Darci and I do any and everything to oppose specials. My father tried to groom me into becoming like him, an Enforcer, but I couldn't bring myself to truly want to do it. Yet, I played along, like I hoped Darci would, and did my best to stay out of trouble -more trouble- and at least take some focus off Darci and Sophie.

It didn't work.

It was a stupid thing, my 19th birthday and for some reason my parents got a cake. Maybe it was because I had played along so much with my father's hopes and dreams, but they wanted to celebrate. My sister, only fifteen, was carrying the cake and dropped it. I didn't care, I asked if she was okay and my parents lost it. They turned the brutality against her so quickly that it was nearly a physical blow. I wouldn't allow it, I don't remember how I did it exactly but I willed their anger to switch to one another, and I watched as they turned those vicious twisted faces on each other and took Darci’s arm and hurried her to her room. It didn't take long, maybe a few hours before I could hear the angry steps. They all but dragged me from my room, cursed and screamed at me, I was shoved and hit until I managed to scramble free and I ran. I ran to the front door and out of it and was too afraid to look back. They screamed that I was a monster, to stay the hell away from them and Darci. I can still sometimes hear it.

I ran to a friend's house some blocks away and told him what happened. His parents, and he, were all specials. He was a Terra, his mother a telepath and his sister a pyro. His dad wasn't really around but his mom was nice enough to let me spend the night there.

After that...I went and found a job at a gas station, then a restaurant as a waiter. I moved to become a cook at the same place and eventually got myself into a fancier restaurant as one of the chefs. It was shitty work, but okay pay. My Terra buddy and I had a tiny apartment and not much else, and when we saved up enough money we decided to apply for college.

Yes, we got the dorm room together and yes we continued to scounge every last cent and work any and every job we could to keep anything in our bank accounts. I went into nursing. I can't even tell you why or how or what inspired it, but I liked the study and the idea of...helping others felt nice. When I actually started working as a nurse...I knew that at some point, I wanted that white coat.

Darci? Of course I thought about her, constantly. I tried to reach out to her at one point but found out she wasn't at home either anymore. I tried to track her down but...the effort was small considering work and studying. My free time was either more studying or sleeping with the occasional moments of eating in-between. I gave a half hearted effort, which is why it took me so long.

By that point, I had began to call myself by my middle name. It felt better, freeing, to avoid being the young man who had been abused and chased away by my parents and be the young man struggling through medical school. I moved further away from my parents, taking long bus rides to college and work. It wasn't until the middle of my PHD that I managed to catch wind of where Darci was. Naturally, I went to go meet her.

I wasn't met by her though.

It was strange. It was close to Darci's face but not. She was headed out and I caught her just in time. I introduced myself, tried to remind her of who I was and apologize for getting as off the grid as I could. But...there was someone else there, a stern voice that told me to leave and leave her alone. I can't deny I was hurt, but I can't blame her either. I had ran like a scared child ten years earlier, it was no surprise that Darci wanted nothing to do with the brother who abandoned her.

Defeated, I went back to my schooling and studying. I apprenticed with doctors and eventually got myself into the Hospital system. It wasn't much, not my own practice, but at least I was doing something. I was rather floaty there, I was smart but people weren't sure of me just yet. It took many months before a coworker asked I be transferred, if I pleased, to the ER. He said I had a way with people, could calm them down and make them listen.

That was a little under a year ago. Recently, my abilities as a Feeler were discovered and I compliantly had myself registered. Color me surprised that I haven't lost my job just yet, but I get the side eye more often now at work than before. A...few of my coworkers actually are happy to call on me to help calm the more...ah...intense patients and family members, but the rest prefer I don't get involved in their cases at all. I don't know what will happen to my job but...we shall see.

I'm...I'm still trying to find Darci. I want to reconnect. Maybe we could move in together, help one another out like we used to. I owe her that much at least, more if she’ll let me. I'm working hard to avoid my parents, and any mention of connected names I simply say is a concidence. I don't get it often but...I'm trying to avoid them, everything about them. Here's to hoping I manage that as well.

Time will tell, I suppose.


Daniel is a quiet man. Reclusive and book-wormish, he doesn't really get out there socially and is known to be rather a loner at work as well. Though smart and involved in the practice and anything related to medicine, he doesn't open up about himself or his home life at all. You won’t find him at a bar or any other raucous social location. If you do find him out and about, he’ll be in that quiet spot at the park with a book, or you’ll find him at a library with the same thing. A registered special, Danny keeps his head low and his actions lower still.


He can, and does make friends, but those who he could count on this very short list are aware Daniel isn't really the social type, and that he's a special on call at the ER seven days a week. If you're looking to a friend you can share your secrets to or one you want to vent or unload your anxiety, Daniel is the guy for you, regardless of his ability to calm you down without even saying a word.


He tries not to have enemies, he really does. But at this age he considers his parents on the top of the list. He's not a fan of Enforcers either, and while he understands they are just doing their jobs, he doesn't like how they go about it. Aside from that, he keeps to himself and keeps anyone he doesn't like well enough away.


Daniel doesn't love easily. Call it bad parents or whatever other childhood trauma, but Daniel abhors opening himself up. It takes a lot of time, a lot of trust, and a very deep emotional attachment for Daniel to really let someone in enough to claim he loves them, or has any sexual desires. He's shy and quiet and not really the best flirt, but it can be nearly guaranteed that he won't really initiate it, even if he finds a woman visually attractive.

About The Player

  • Alias: Legion
  • Age: 29
  • Characters: Jaxon Alexander, Samuel Carlisle, Amanvir Singh, Troy Moran, Daniel Garland
  • (M)/Smut: Yep
  • Triggers: Nope
  • Limits: Rape/Forced Situations, BDSM
  • Blurb: Straight up Slytherin here, I’m a recluse on my best days and an all around hermit 24/7. I hail from Wisconsin, nestled right next to Lake Michigan and have a deep love for heading to the forgotten north for some peace and quiet. I’ve got a horcrux in the shape of a grey tabby feline named Loki, and if you ask me about her I won’t shut up about her. Been writing for 15 years, and started on some LOTR sites and then moved to Harry Potter and back and forth until I wound up, well, here. I’ve been staff on a few sites, and will do my best to answer any and all questions you throw my way.

Legion . CST . PM Discord#9798

 Posted: Dec 11 2017, 09:33 PM
Class 5
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