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 About us! - Read this first
 Posted: Nov 25 2017, 11:00 PM
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site summary

Want to know what we're about and who we are without having to read five million posts to get an idea? Look no further. We're here to tell you about Code 8.


  • The film Code 8 is a short film that was released on youtube a couple years ago, spearheaded by actors Stephen and Robbie Amell. The film is a great work and was the source of inspiration for this site's creation. They're currently filming a full length feature film which should be released some time in 2018.
  • The plot The site is set in southern California, in a fictional place called Lincoln City. There are those with powers, those who protect people from those with powers, and the general public. There is a strong symbolism between the current issues of police brutality, racism and bigotry that carry over into the concepts of the site and those with powers being mistreated and feared for what they are. There wasn't a lot of information about the world itself in the film. It's only ten minutes. So we took some creative liberties to bring you our own version of what it might be. If you want to watch the film or read more about the plot, you can find that information here.
  • The powers While the film showcases pyrokinesis, super strength, telekinesis, and electrokinesis, we've expanded on those powers to include power absorption, earth manipulation, water manipulation, healing, emotion manipulation, telepathy, shapeshifting, teleportation, and enhanced senses. We do have basic "rules" for how certain powers work in theory. You can find more on that here and if you want to see how many characters we have for each power, you can take a look here.


  • The members We're an older crowd. At present I think our youngest member is twenty three and our oldest in her mid-thirties. Many of us have jobs and families which is why we have some pretty laid back activity requirements. Life happens. Sometimes it happens in stressful ways and we get it. We don't get into a big fuss about most things, and we talk through any issues that arise like rational goddamn adults.
  • The characters Our focus here at Code 8 is character development. We love shipping, but that's more like the icing on the cake rather than the cake itself. We like characters who have obstacles to overcome and place an emphasis on portraying a certain level of realism… despite the superpowers, you know? We take pride in delving into a character's motivations, goals, dreams, and then throwing plots at them to either make those things happen or to make them tragically miss those opportunities.
  • The writing I would say that we're a bit more serious about our writing than most other roleplay sites. While we have no word count (and not even a rule to match what you're given) many of our members write posts that are anywhere between 300 words and 2000 words. We believe in quality over quantity, and members are encouraged to reply with whatever feels right for the moment. But we do put thought and effort into our replies no matter what.
  • The rating This site is rated 3-3-3. This isn't because we all sit around and write smut and violent deaths. We simply don't believe in restrictions. There isn't a particular rating on life itself, and so there isn't one here, either. We welcome characters who have dark, gritty pasts and encourage members to explore the gritty details of whatever subject matter they choose. We do, however, ask that mature or potentially triggering content be tagged as such.
  • Discord We hang out on discord a lot. Even when the cbox is quiet and hasn't been used in days, we talk daily on discord. We wish each other happy holidays, occasionally play Cards Against Humanity online together, share our troubles and our excitement over things in our lives. If this was a family, discord would be the living room where we all gather to chill out and relax. This is also where we make announcements, where you can ask questions and get an immediate response (probably), listen to music, and take part in our in character chat. We even have a special icc channel for characters who aren't finished yet. You can click right here to join us there.


  • The registration The registration button is off to your left (it's a little icon of a person with a plus sign in the sidebar), and you'll register twice to join. Once with your OOC account which will be your parent account for your characters. It's the account where you'll receive alerts, PMs from staff, and the one you'll use to make your member directory post. Then you'll register your character account which would be the character's first and last name. That's the account you'll use to post an application.
  • The application I will admit, we staff are not easy on applications. It's an audition of sorts, and we want to see that you've put thought into your character and how they fit into the site. Out of the five tabs, there are three important sections to the app that should be filled out prior to acceptance. There is a detailed section that will prompt you with basic information like name, gender, face claim, age, occupation, health issues, addictions, and things of that nature. Another is the freeform section which is our gauntlet. There is no length requirement or format you have to use. It can be bullet points or a novel. You can write it in first person, third, second, past tense or present. That entire section and how it's structured is up to you. But we do expect quite a bit from this area. We need to know about your character, where they came from, how that shaped them into who they are, and what they're like now. We need to be able to get a real feel for them and what sort of life brought them to this point. Last is the shipper section so that someone can look at a glance to see how their own characters might interact with yours. Don't be offended if we ask you to go back and edit something before acceptance. We're trying to give you and our existing members the best collaborative writing experience we can.

Our History

  • The staff I, Tara, was the original staff member and hold the "user 1" account. I was helped in this endeavor by a wonderful young woman who went by Veloce. She left the site for personal reasons and since then, I've been helped along by Melissa (who stepped down for personal reasons), Legion (our resident Slytherin), Imaginary (our loveable Hufflepuff), and Pockets (our Aussie doctor-in-training). We would all be happy to help you if you have any questions, want to plot, chat, see how far you can shoot a homemade rubber band slingshot if you put a cheeto in it, or anything else you can think of.
  • The characters Over the last year that we've been open, we've had an estimated one hundred and eighty applications submitted. Out of those, an estimated one hundred and fifty were accepted. We've had traitors, drug addicts, a couple of… romantically involved twins, good samaritans, doctors, lawyers, runaways, politicians, and more that we would love to tell you all about if you ask. Seriously. If you ask, you might want to pull up a chair and stay awhile.
  • The plots Since our site is member driven with the occasional special event, it's the members that make the plots. As they've come and gone, our plots have evolved and adapted with those changes. We have an underground railroad going, a very questionable job board, and a hacker who screwed up all the Enforcer's systems. We've had a woman who knocked down a couple buildings and a flood in a McDonald's. There have been kidnappings, fires, and a fair bit of romance. We'd love for you to contribute your original concepts into our world and help us keep growing.
Thank you for reading and we hope you can find a home here with us at Code 8.

poke me if you need anything! sig code credits go to brooklyn of caution.
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