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 Garland, Darci, 31 | Morpher | Amanda Seyfried
Darci Garland
 Posted: Aug 23 2017, 06:49 PM
Sophie, Quinn, Eve, Alice
Class 5

Darci Garland

  • full name: Darci Nicole Garland
  • age: 31
  • gender: Female
  • occupation: Waitress at Black Ram Steakhouse
  • power/class: Morpher Class 5



  • sexuality: It's... complicated
  • relationship status: Single
  • current partner: None
  • parents: Jeffrey Garland and Heather Garland
  • siblings: Ethan Garland
  • children: None


  • physical ailments: None
  • mental ailments: Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD)
  • allergies: Onions and Bees
  • addictions: None
  • smoking: Quinn does, does that count?
  • drinking: On rare occasions
  • drug use: If she does, she can't remember.

Places, places, get in your places

Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces

Good afternoon, Darci. I’m Doctor Hope McKinney. It’s a pleasure to finally meet with you.

I am not Darci. My name is Eve. The host body is called Darci.

I, I see... But it was Darci who contacted me last month and wished to talk?

Yes and no. Alice and I suggested meeting with you to Darci. She is not doing well as of late. Alice has been doing research, but self diagnoses seemed to only have ill effect. We discussed and thought it best to seek a professional. Darci conceded and made the appointment. She was hesitant.

Hesitant? Is that why she has missed the first couple sessions? Today would have been her third.

Quinn would not allow her to go.

Who is Quinn?

Quinn is another of us.

You refer to your selves as ‘us’. Is there a word you are comfortable with for what you call yourselves?

Alice says the common terminology is Alters. Alters within a body are called a system. These are terms used by others who have our condition. They seem fitting.

Do you think of yourself as an Alter to Darci? To what you called the host?

I am me. I do not see the body of Darci as mine. It is merely the body I am in. Her body looks dissimilar to what I perceive as mine. She and the others within our system simply prefer to think of it that way. It is easier for them to understand.

You said Alice has been researching your condition. What does she think you have?

Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder.

What do you think of it?

OSDD is the broader classification for someone who does not display or adhere to all the qualities and criteria of Dissociative Identity Disorder, or what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder. We each have distinct personalities, but we do not experience complete amnesia as do those with DID. Some of us are conscious of the others. Some remember feelings and memories of others. Some are only aware of each other and themselves when we are within what Alice calls ‘the inner-world’, or when we are in control of the body.

That’s a lot of useful information, but it does not tell me what you personally think of it, Eve. Does it upset you, the possibility that perhaps you are not-

It does not upset me. I am not afraid of nor do I entertain the idea that I am not real. That’s what you were about to ask, was it not? I am real. Darci may have been the first, but we are all here now. We all came from the same mind. I am not here to discuss whether or not you believe that I am a figment of Darci’s imagination. I am here to ensure she receives help.

Do you care for Darci’s well-being?

She shares our body. We do not sleep well, we sometimes cannot eat and her stress causes extensive headaches. It is only growing worse. If the body deteriorates, we all do.

How many of you are there?

Five. Myself, Darci, Alice, Quinn, and Sophie.

Sophie. That’s a new name.

Sophie is what Alice refers to as a Child Alter. She was the first to appear, when Darci was nine. Darci perceived her as an older, imaginary friend in the beginning.

Can I speak with her?

You may try. She is here, but may not be present for long. She will not understand, and I believe you will only frighten her.

Why would Sophie be afraid?

She is only eleven, and unaware of our surroundings. She will be…


Eve, are you alright? Try to focus. Take deep breaths, listen to the sound of my voice.

Oh, hi!

Hello. Sophie?

Mmhmm. Who’re you?

I’m Doctor Hope. Eve and I were just talking about you and she thought maybe you could help me answer some questions. Is that alright?

You’re a doctor? Am I sick? Will I have to get shots?

Yes, I’m a doctor. But you won’t be getting shots, I promise.

Are you sure?

I’m sure.

Okay, good. I don’t like shots.

Sophie, can you tell me about Darci? How did you meet?

Darci was lonely. Her mommy and daddy were mean. She got in trouble sometimes and they made her stay in the dark place. So, I came one day to keep her company. It was really scary. We could hardly move and we had to sit all scrunched up like a ball. But there was a light under the door and sometimes we could make shadow puppets with our hands. Darci told really good stories. There was this one, about a princess with really long-

Sophie, does Darci still go to that dark place? Do her parents still hurt her?

No. Quinn came and got us out, and Darci and I left a long time ago. We’re here now. And we have new friends, too.

Do you talk to Darci often?

Darci has grown up. She isn’t little like me anymore. I can’t play with her like we used to. She gets upset now if I want to play too much. Sometimes she cries and I can’t make her happy again. Is it my fault?

No. I believe Darci is simply sad and confused. She might not realize that you are trying to help her.

That’s what Alice says, too.

Is Alice one of the new friends?

Yeah. She’s my favorite. And also Darci. Sometimes Alice lets me ride along with her and we go on adventures.

Do you not like Eve and Quinn?

Quinn doesn’t like talking to me much. She gets really grumpy. Eve is bossy but she’s nice, too. She and Quinn fight a lot. I try to be quiet or Quinn yells at me, too.

But you said Quinn came and took you and Darci from the dark place? Tell me about that. Does Darci remember telling you stories?

Darci gets upset if I tell her about that. No one really remembers ‘cept me n’ Quinn. Eve, too, but she doesn’t like us talking about it because it makes me sad. I don’t really wanna talk about it.

Could you please try? Then we can talk about something else. How about we start with something easy, like, where did you and Darci grow up? Do you know where she was before you came?

O-okay. Uhm, Darci lived in a place called Texas. Dallas, because it rhymes with Alice, see? But she and her mommy and daddy moved a lot. Darci didn’t know how many places but she told me that they were afraid of monsters. Monsters who thought they were specialer than everybody else.They had magic powers that were really scary and Darci’s parents didn’t want her around them so they ran away, all the time. To all kinds of places. Ten-Tenness--ssee and Utah and even all the way here to California. They wanted to help the good guys fight them off, and Darci’s mommy was really smart, so she helped make things to fight the monsters with. Darci’s daddy was helping some people who protected everyone from the monsters, and he wanted her big brother to grow up and help, too. He wanted Darci to, too, but she was too scared and he didn’t think she could do it and got angry.

I didn’t know Darci had a brother. What’s his name?

Ethan. He’s really fun. He was four years older than us. He called me his sister, too, and helped Darci keep me hidden from everyone. It was like a game! He was twelve and he didn’t think their parents would like me. But that’s okay because I didn’t like them, either.

Were they mean to Darci and Ethan?

Yeah. They had lots of rules. If Darci didn’t eat all her food, she couldn’t eat for the rest of the day and could only eat what she hadn’t finished until it was all gone. One time, her mommy made spaghetti and it made Darci feel sick and she didn’t want to eat it. They had to take her to the doctor and he said she was allergic to the sauce. The onions. They’re smelly so, I don’t see why they wanted her to eat ‘em at all. And they’re gross, too, like broccoli. And then they wanted her to keep her room really clean and if she didn’t she had to have her room be the closet for a while.

Was the closet the dark place?

Uh huh. It got really small because it would fill with boxes and in some of the houses they lived in it was even smaller. And it was her time-out spot if she was too loud or talked too much when they told her to be quiet or sit still. Sometimes they told her scary stories about the monsters and she didn’t listen. She didn’t like calling them bad things. She thought maybe they were superheroes. She even became friends with some monsters at school. Her mommy found out got really mad and hit her and made her stay at home for school, instead. She was really sad and lonely and Ethan couldn’t help because he got in trouble a lot, too. But then I came and I was her friend and she was happy. She liked to tell stories and play games and sometimes she even let me do what I wanted and we’d go exploring or I could say things with her voice, but it was mine. It scared her the first few times but then I think she was okay with it. Sometimes she went to sleep in my head and she wouldn’t know that I’d sat in timeout for her or let her daddy yell at me.

Okay. You’re doing really well, Sophie. Can you tell me anything more? Then we can talk about something else if you’d like., well, Ethan tried helping, but…


Sometimes, if I couldn’t make her happy, he could. He could make anyone happy. Or sad. Or angry. One day he made their mommy and daddy mad at eachother instead of at Darci because she accidentally dropped his birthday cake. He was already so big! Nineteen! He was going to teach us how to drive the car even though I was a little afraid to. But they found out that he was one of the monsters. They made him leave us and go live somewhere else. We were so sad and scared. Darci kept leaving me alone after that and I didn’t know what to do.

You were very brave, Sophie. I know you did your best to protect Darci.

I tried r-really hard. But, but then…


I think you should talk to Quinn now. She’s really angry. She doesn’t usually, um, talk to me.

Will she hurt you?

No. She just doesn’t like when we talk to people about us.

Sophie. Sophie, honey, it’s okay, don’t cry… Sophie?

Who in the hell are you? Where in the f-

You must be Quinn. I’m Doctor-

Yeah, yeah, I know who you are, lady. Eve and her stupid british accent filled me in. What in the hell sort of name is Doctor Hope?

You must not like Eve.

Evie the robot? Hell no. She thinks she’s so perfect and smart. Something's lodged so far up her ass I’m not sure how she walks. She must’ve been the one who convinced Darci to dance in this circus you’ve got set up here. Are you paying for this? I only accept cash. I want it in writing so you can’t pull anything, Doc.

Eve was only concerned, as are Alice and I, about Darci’s-

Darci this, Darci that. She’s just another nagging voice in my head. Not a big deal. They all are. They need to shut up before I find a dealer who can give me something that will.

So you believe that Darci is the Alter, and you’re the core?

I don’t believe in any of that Alter shit or that alphabet soup they’re chattering about. That’s just another special snowflake freak show party. I’ve got good old fashioned schizophrenia. It sucks, but, whatever.

Alright... Sophie claimed that you came to save her and Darci.

Yeah, the kid would. She won’t shut up about coloring and watching Disney movies, either, if you get her going.

How did you save them?

I don’t have to tell you anything. I’m leaving.

Quinn, please. Just sit down. For a few moments. I only have a few questions and then we can call you a cab, alright? Please, try to remain calm.

Fine. I’ll only get bitched at later if I don’t and I don’t need Eve yammering while I’m working.

Where do you work?

Anywhere if you got the cash and I’m not already with some another paying customer, honey. Don’t worry, Hope. I can swing both ways and you’re plenty cute with those glasses. I’m sure you could afford me with that shrink salary, right?

Ahem. That won’t be necessary, Quinn. Let’s get back to you. How did you save Darci and Sophie?

I didn’t save them. I saved myself. Ethan got kicked out of the house and all I knew was he was the only person who didn’t totally hate me. He was always cool to me. And I sure as hell wasn’t sticking around. Lucky me, I popped the Special cherry, too.

Sophie called Specials ‘monsters’.

Ha, she would. You gotta stop listening to that kid. I don’t know why I let her out so much.

So, you’re a Special. What kind?

A morpher. Class...who the hell cares.

You’re not registered?

Nope, and you’re gonna keep your pretty mouth shut because of patient confidentiality, won’t you Doc?

Anything you say in here is safe, Quinn. You are safe with me.

Right. Besides, the Garlands know about it. Mrs. G has that fancy lab and Mr. G is still the Enforcer poster child even after retiring. Bad knees, that’ll get you eventually. God, you’d think he would take up golfing or drooling over swimsuit models by now. But they couldn’t let anyone find out about their son and me, so I took off a while after Ethan did. Tried to track him down, but, he covered his tracks pretty well. Guess he didn’t care so much about his kid sister Darci after all, huh?

How did your powers manifest?

I wanted to be someone else. I was tired of listening to Darci and Sophie cry all the time. It was exhausting. I just wanted to be me and get the hell out of there. The Garlands were ballistic one night because the bed hadn’t been made and Mr. G slapped me. So I made myself bigger and punched him. Guess he wasn’t expecting little ole me to turn into Vin Diesel.

You first shifted into a man. You have a female form now, but do you identify as something else?

Nah. I’m a girl. Prefer girls, too. My body’s pretty rockin’, just need to enhance the hourglass curves a little, you know? And hey, it sure is convenient to change to what a guy wants when you’re trying to get your hand in his wallet. Give ‘em something they want to look at.

R-right. How did the Garlands react to you being a Morpher?

They made life hell. Tried to get me to hold it in. Turn it off. Mrs. G even tried getting rid of it but clearly that didn’t work. It was only a year but damn, it felt like a century. My 18th birthday rolled around and I was gone.

Have they tried to make contact since?

Oh, sure. They live right here in town. Try to get me to swing by for dinner and a long talk about how I’m going to Hell all the damn time. It’s great. Usually I just zone out and then don’t remember the details afterwards but I get a plate of leftovers out of it. Works like a charm. I don’t know why they try so hard with me when their son is out there somewhere. Who the fuck knows where.

How have you been since leaving? How are you coping with your… schizophrenia?

Just fine. I’ve got it under control. Freaking out about it won’t solve anything. The headaches are killer and I haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in ages but, I’m not usually supposed to sleep on the job anyway. No matter how comfy the bed. Are you done?

Quinn, can we discuss- Quinn?


Oh. Sophie?

Nah, I’m Alice. Pleased to finally meet you!

Hello, Alice. I’m Doctor McKinney. I don’t believe we have met yet.

Mm, not really, but I picked you out once Eve gave the go-ahead. I did my best to figure it out for ourselves first but, she likes to be thorough. Unanswered questions kinda annoy her. Did Quinn ask you for a prescription for drugs?


Ah. I had a side bet going with Eve that she would.

Ha. So, ah, how do you feel about the possibility of having OSDD?

Y’mean, how do I feel about being an Alter? It’s actually alright. We in the system don’t always get along. Sometimes it gets really loud, but, that’s only when Quinn is present and she and Eve start bickering about something.

Are all of you always present?

No. It depends on who is fronting. Fronting is when an Alter is in control of the body. Like, if I’m fronting, I really only hear Eve or Sophie. Sophie doesn’t hear anyone but we can all see what she’s up to. Kinda babysitting her. When Quinn fronts she tries to shove us all out but Eve’s the only one she can’t push away. We are all there when Darci is driving. Sometimes we’re like, co-piloting with one another. That usually ends badly. Ever tried to have two people drive a car?

Do none of you hear Darci when you... front?

Sometimes… sometimes she’s there. But she’s frightened. Or upset. She doesn’t like it. So she usually goes to sleep, or whatever the headspace equivalent is.

Are you happy with your life?

Well, yes. Don’t get me wrong, Doctor, it’s plenty difficult. And annoying sometimes. Like, one time Quinn changed the pin on our card and none of us could buy anything because she refused to say what it was. Darci is allergic to onions. Do you know how many meals contain onions? I really want to be an actress but Eve thinks that's silly and Sophie makes us laugh at inopportune times and ordering pizza is a nightmare because, like, how do you order a pizza when half the system likes alfredo sauce and the other likes tomato and everyone loves pepperoni but Quinn is the weird one who insists on pineapple? We’ve got a dog and I swear we called him ‘Puppy’ for a whole month because anyone could agree on a name. Darci picked Beau and it stuck. Plus, if someone drives and parks the car and we switch, we have no idea where the car is. Sometimes we spend hours just trying to find the phone. Sometimes nobody wants to be in charge and we can’t find Darci. We have the most bizarre wardrobe filled with Quinn’s fishnets and Eve’s cardigans. Sophie can’t watch scary movies and Eve likes them and I just want to watch a rom-com but Darci is insisting on the same Netflix shows on repeat, but I forgot to pay for the subscription and didn’t remind Eve, so.... Its… hectic.

Do you care for them? You all sound close, despite your struggles.

Struggles don’t even begin to cover it, but, yes. I do. We all do, I think. Quinn is just standoffish and Darci.. Darci wants to believe we’re very lively imaginary friends. But, that’s alright. I’m trying to get our life to a better place and Eve is keeping us all in line, so, it’s working so far. We’re hoping that talking with someone will help ease Darci and maybe we can all… I don’t know. Reach a happier place.

I believe you’ve made an excellent first step. What have you and the system been doing since leaving Darci’s parents?

It was really hard at first, because for a little bit it was only Sophie, Darci and Quinn. Soph doesn’t know how to adult and Darci is...well, fragile. Quinn got a job and an apartment and they were there for quite some time until Eve and I showed up.

What was that like?

Eve came first. I sort’ve have this running theory that she was always there, maybe even before Sophie. But she didn’t condense enough to do much of anything until they were out of that situation with Dar’s family. But, the three were struggling. Darci kept waking up in bed with strangers and Quinn would come to and be coloring instead of hooking up with those strangers and Sophie would start crying on street corners because she was lost and didn’t know where home was. It was a mess. Eve took control. Kinda motherly, in that weirdly cold and analytical sort of way. But she makes most of the decisions. Keeps us healthy and alive and sorts everyone out as best she can. Sometimes, Eve acts like more of a host than Darci does. Eve fronted for so long once, I thought Darci was gone for good. It was a little scary.

And where did you come in?

Eve got them out of their slump, and Darci started perking up enough to want to try and live a little, and if someone didn’t do something Quinn was going to accidentally OD and kill us all. I came sometime during her first semester in college. We went to the community college, nothing fancy. Eve suggested something simple, that could be applied in a lot of opportunity. So we went with Business Management and I snuck in some art classes so Sophie wouldn’t be bored to tears.

How was college?

It was great! We met so many wonderful people! And there were other Specials, too. That’s where I decided that I wanted to help. I wanted to make lives better for Specials. I had a girlfriend for a little while and, gosh, she could create the most beautiful flowers. How could anyone call her a monster? How could someone so good be thought of so terribly? I have us volunteer at shelters and stuff when I can. I want to do more but, it’s hard. I’ve been trying to get the others involved in the cause, but… there is some hesitance.

How so?

Sophie simply doesn’t understand. She still thinks of them as ‘monsters’, even if she does so positively and likes them. Eve is really only concerned about us. It’s not that she doesn’t recognize the problem. She just doesn’t hold that ability to care as much as some do for something other than us. Her heart’s in the right place, but. Ya know. Quinn is similar but she just straight up only cares about herself. She’s selfish. And Darci… Darci feels for them and wants to help but she’s very timid. And, also, uh…


Darci doesn’t know that we are a Morpher.

How can this be?

Well, Sophie doesn’t know how to use the ability well. Eve simply doesn’t use it. Quinn overuses it. I play with it, but, I’m careful. I don’t want us to get caught. Darci just… has no idea. We all shift a little, when we switch. Darci and Eve have green eyes and wavy hair. Eve gets way taller. Sophie’s hair always changes and she has blue eyes with Quinn, but she also looks younger… not eleven, but, there’s definitely a difference. Quinn is… geez, something new all the time. Usually something out of a porno. And I try to stay pretty close to the body’s natural state but I like brown eyes. And sometimes being a brunette is fun, or having short hair! Just to try out something new. But, only if I can do it secretly. Being registered won’t help us. Being Special and OSDD… it’s a bad combination, and Eve and I are worried about what would happen to us.

That is understandable. I am glad you are cautious. Do you have friends you can confide in? A support system you can trust?

We are a support system! We’re always here for one another. That’s kinda the point, Doc. But I get what you mean, don’t worry. And yes. We have friends. Friends in Let’s just say we have lots of Special and Non-Special friends, and many of them share my beliefs.

Ah. Like your girlfriend.

Ex. Yeah, she was wonderful, but… it’s a lot to handle. We are a lot to handle. It was hard for her because, we weren’t all attracted to her. I’m bi, so, obviously I was. Quinn, too, but Quinn got so annoyed with her and was really mean. Sophie doesn’t really care about any of that but she has had a crush or two. On boys. Darci is only interested in boys. And Eve doesn’t like anyone. I’m not sure if Eve is able to feel attraction but she definitely isn’t interested in girls and she certainly doesn’t feel anything for guys. It’s just hard to date someone who may only tolerate you one moment, love you another, and hate you in the next.

Have you tried contacting Ethan? Quinn implied that he and you all haven’t connected.

Oh, well… we sort’ve...already...did.


Yeah. He met me. He figured out where the apartment was in Southside and showed up one morning when we were walking out to class.

Was he glad to meet you?

Me? Sure. He’s a pretty good guy. I didn’t know who he was until he introduced himself. Fun to hangout with. But I don’t think he liked Eve much.

What did she do?

She fronted and made him leave. She thought he was a danger to us, and we to him.

How so?

Well, I think the rest of us would be alright. Uh, the others don’t know and we really don’t want Quinn to know that he reached out. I think she would grow claws and rip his face off.

You’re very... mature about all of this.

I try to be. We all do, in our own way. I just gotta hope that eventually things will look up... That maybe we can be who we really are and won’t be so afraid and maybe we’ll even find love and acceptance. Maybe… maybe all of us will finally be…be…

….ou okay? Alice? Can you hear me? Can you see me? You’re….and out but you’re fine, I prom…. try to speak?

W-where am I?


I’m not… I’m not Alice!

Alright, alright. Can you tell me which Alter you are? Take deep breaths, try to relax. It’s fine. You’re fine, I promise.

I’m- I’m not, I’m not an A-Alter. I’m Darci. Please… please, I’m Darci. I’m real. I’m real.

Darci. Darci, I’m Doctor McKinney. We talked on the phone a month ago. We’ve met today to discuss you and your system.

No. No, they’re not- they-. W-what did they do? What did they say?

Eve and Alice were concerned for you. They said they spoke with you and you all agreed that I could try to help you.

We didn’t agree. I didn’t want to come. They always…They came and… and now they won’t leave. They won’t leave me alone and I can’t remember why or how or what they do…

Darci, I believe that Alice is ri-



No. No, please, I can’t be here. She isn’t right. She isn’t real. I’m real. Me. I’m Darci. There’s nothing you can one can help. They’re here and...and… I can’t do anything about it.

You have to calm down, Darci. Your breathing is too erratic. We all just want to help.

They stole my life.

There is something I’d like to try-

I have to go. W-what time is it? Is it still Tuesday? I have to get to work. It’s all the way in Eastside and if I’m here at the hospital I-

Darci, please.

I can’t. I just got this job at Black Ram and Quinn’s already made me miss a shift and I can’t afford being fired. I have to go. I’m sorry.

Alright, but I look forward to seeing you nex-


Everyone thinks that we're perfect

Please don't let them look through the curtains


The short version is that Darci lives with a condition called Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder. Essentially, she has four other personalities existing within her body. They can switch and take over control of the body, sometimes at will and sometimes not. Usually at inopportune times with no rhyme or reason. Darci lives in Southside in a moderate, quaint apartment that she can afford between her odd jobs and one of her alter’s hooker habits. Recently she’s gotten a job as a waitress at the Black Ram Steakhouse and so far it’s going well. She has a dog named Beau who loves her (and the Alters) to death and he’s her best friend. She’s quiet and just trying to cope with her disorder, and trying to live as normally as possible.


Darci is a gentle, quiet soul. Tiimid and soft spoken, and easily overlooked when it comes to her louder, more flamboyant Alters. She’s painfully shy, but tragically sweet natured. She isn’t the life of the party, but she enjoys being included and spending time with those she calls her friends. She’s isolated herself in her own insecurities, mainly stemming from her OSDD, and tries to keep that aspect of her life as hidden as she can. She isn’t one for judgement, and will be a fast friend to any who show her kindness, understanding and acceptance of the fact that becoming her friend is a package deal with her Alters, if she chooses to reveal that secret… or, if they expose it for her. Eve is tolerating of others. Sophie and Alice are all too eager and willing to make friends with any and all and if they like you, you’ve got no choice in the matter. And Quinn… offering to sleep with you is a compliment. Probably.


Darci’s only real enemies are her parents, though she’d be far too nervous to admit that. On her bad days, she may lash out at her own Alters, but she knows it’s useless. She’s against cruelty and hates prejudice. But really, she’s far too quiet to collect enemies of her own. Out of her Alters, Quinn the Protector is the confrontational one, and will not hesitate to spout off whatever is on her mind, and damn your feelings. Authority figure? Goodie two-shoes? Snobby rich kid? She really doesn’t need an excuse. Eve comes off as cold, but really doesn’t care for confrontation if it can be avoided. Sophie’s just a kid. Alice? Alice is vehemently against racists and those would would oppose, belittle, and persecute Specials. Cross her, and happy-go-lucky Alice will tear you a new one.


Love? Out of the whole system, Alice is the only one who’s found that and it didn’t last long. Darci would like nothing more than to find someone to love and who would love her in turn. It’s difficult, though, because you’re not really dating only her. Some Alters may adore you, some may hate you, some may only see you as a friend. One may only sleep with you for a price. Some may not even be physically attracted to you. (Darci is straight, Quinn and Alice are bi, and Eve is ace.) It’s...yeah, it’s complicated.

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Jeromie Evans
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 06:53 PM
Class 4
factory supervisor
Tara IS Offline

Jeromie & Darci & Sophie & Eve & Alice & Quinn

   Just let Jeromie be your friend. He wouldn't even try to "fix" Darci because he knows he's not qualified, but she'd make a great personal case study. He's fascinated. And understanding. And he'd make a great friend for her. Let me have this thing.  
Jeromie Evans
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 08:57 PM
Class 4
factory supervisor
Tara IS Offline

Jeromie & The System

  I love the idea of Dr. McKinney also being one of Jeromie's teachers and them meeting that way. He could be waiting to ask Dr. McKinney something but she's with Darci so he's gotta sit there and burn time. Then Darci comes out and he can be like "Oh, I didn't know she was with someone" "U ok?" "Am I interrupting?" And they can keep running into each other that way which will be awkward when Darci isn't Darci and can't remember the last time they talked and a;jfa;dj I have feelings. I need this friendship. Jeromie would be the most laid back almost therapist ever. They could have coffee and talk about trauma.  
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