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 Galloway, Chase, 24 | healer | KJ Apa
Chase Galloway
 Posted: Jul 29 2017, 02:55 PM
Class 1
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chase galloway

  • full name: Chase Rhett Galloway
  • age: 24
  • gender: male
  • occupation: getaway driver, mooch, job hunter, railroad delivery guy
  • power/class: Healer - 1


  • face claim: KJ Apa
  • height: 5'11"
  • tattoos: nautical star on the back of his neck, cross and wings on his left shoulder, the words "genesis" vertically down his right torso.
  • piercings: tongue, ears, prince albert.
  • scars: a few small ones, a couple moderate.


  • sexuality: bisexual
  • relationship status: painfully single
  • current partner: right hand
  • parents: Wes Galloway, Danielle Preston
  • siblings: none
  • children: none


  • physical ailments: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo due to inner ear trauma and complete hearing loss in the left ear.
  • mental ailments: none
  • allergies: none
  • addictions: none
  • smoking: nope
  • drinking: socially
  • drug use: very rarely

genesis • ˈdʒɛnIsIs

a beginning or origin of anything

Hey, my name's Chase Galloway. I'm a Libra and I enjoy long walks on the beach. Okay I can't say that with a straight face. Let me start over.

Hi. I'm Chase. I was born in Colorado in 2036 to Wes Galloway and Danielle Preston. Now mom was always a little screwed up in the head. I don't know what exactly was wrong with her, and I don't think she ever saw a doctor about it, but she wasn't quite right. She could function through life just fine, but she reacted funny to some things. She was just odd. So when I came into the picture, things didn't really improve for her. She wasn't weird enough for any kind of help, but too weird to hold down a normal job, you know? But dad saw something in her. They never married, but I guess he liked her wildness and unpredictability. But you know, that gets old after awhile. And mom was mom. They split up when I was two so mom and I lived in this little apartment with crappy heat in the winter so my toes were forever frozen solid. She hopped from job to job, trying to make ends meet in the only way she really knew how.

But I was a horrible kid, okay? In my defense, I didn't know I was making things harder. I just knew I really liked to make toilet paper soup in the bathroom and ketchup tasted great all by itself. Let me be clear that those things didn't happen at the same time. I don't think I ever ate ketchup out of the toilet. Anyway, I threw tantrums a lot when I didn't get my way. I pulled things down from shelves and dug around in corners to get things I shouldn't get. I constantly needed attention. I threw fits. I played with my food. Looking back, I know it grated on mom's nerves and made things worse. Which... is probably why she packed my things and dropped me off on Dad's doorstep. I can't remember now but they had to have argued. Then she was gone and I haven't seen her since. To be honest, I don't really miss her. I don't remember enough of her to miss her. And she left, so fuck her.

severance • ˈsɛvərəns

the act of severing or state of being severed

Life with dad was different. Not that I never saw him before then, but he'd never really been the primary caretaker, then he was trying to do it all with no help and still working and I wasn't in school yet and he kinda... I'll say it was an adjustment. I spent as much time as possible in daycare and evenings were a trip. He was strict and he yelled a lot. Probably because he was so stressed out because, lo and behold, I was still a little shit. I still got in trouble and got into things and there I was, upsetting his comfortable life. Don't get me wrong, dad worked in a factory so it's not like it was some posh, lavish existence. But it was comfortable... for him. Until I arrived like a tiny four year old tornado, wreaking havoc on everything he'd built.

I don't really blame him for being strict. He set rules and I'd invariably break them and then he'd get pissed. I think daycare was a blessing for both of us. And then later, school even more so because it wasn't as expensive. And I liked learning. I liked having friends and most of the time I even liked my teachers. But I was also... still a little shit. I wrote on the walls and never stayed in my seat. I talked out of turn. I was smart, but I was also pretty stupid. Naive, at least. What did rules matter when I wanted to do my own thing, right? Wrong.

I got in trouble enough that dad started giving me crap at home, too. I was forever grounded until I figured out what "no" meant. And I'm not trying to paint Dad in a bad light here. He did the best he could with a psycho kid and a job and a mortgage and stress. It just wore on him. It would wear on anyone. But slowly, I did start to behave a little more. I was never one of the "good" students, but I knew where to draw the line. Better yet, I started to learn how to not get caught at things. See, there are perks to a strict upbringing. You figure out pretty quick how to make things not so strict. You learn where the limits are.

juvenescence • ˌdʒuːvIˈnɛsəns

the act or process of growing from childhood to youth

I don't want to say it was boring for a few years, but it kinda was. I started playing soccer, but it was like that awkward grade school soccer where nobody ever actually scores and it's just a bunch of kids running around fighting over a ball and we all get participation ribbons. But it was better than getting into more trouble outside of school, I guess. My grades were okay. They weren't great, not because I wasn't smart, but I was just lazy. I didn't want to do the work and nobody was going to make me and they didn't. But other than that, things were quiet until the big scary puberty.

Now I know people who've known they were gay basically from the womb. For some people, it's easy to figure out. Not for me. The stigma and the pressure to be straight and fit into that straight mold is a lot stronger than I gave it credit for, so I seriously never even thought anything else was a possibility. Like I said before, I was a little naive about some things. In my mind, everyone was straight and that's just how things were. There weren't other options until I met Toby. He was painfully straight and painfully hot and at first I thought I was just jealous of him. You know, he was the hot popular guy who looked like he just walked out of some sepia toned cologne ad. But we got teamed up in science class and after a week sitting next to him and having his knee bump into mine... well... anatomy is a thing and it doesn't listen and it made me start to question things. I didn't have it all figured out, but it started to click. And let me tell you something. Puberty for any guy is hell. Puberty when you're conceivably attracted to everything that moves is... I don't know what's worse than hell but maybe public hell. You're not just getting tortured. Everyone else is watching it happen.

Fast forward to the start of eighth grade. New soccer team tryouts. More than running around aimlessly. There were actual rules to playing and all that. Real, defined positions. Obviously I tried out and I actually made the team which was cool. I hated rules, but I liked the team atmosphere and there's nothing wrong with kicking balls. Well, not those balls but like actual... you know what? You know what I mean. Moving on... it was our second game of the season and some idiot on the other team kicked the ball straight at my face. It didn't matter that we weren't supposed to use our hands. I tried to duck and swat the ball away. I missed, but the ball clipped my pinky finger. Ripped the fingernail right off which was better than a broken nose, I guess, but it still hurt. The next day, it was fine. So yeah. Whoops. I kept a bandaid on that finger for like three months so nobody noticed it was healed.

Fast forward to winter break. I was experimenting with my powers a bit. And yes that means I absolutely took a kitchen knife and sliced open my palm with it. Not the brightest spot to do it, but that's what they did in the movies. It took a couple hours, but then it was gone. So I did it again. Aaand Dad walked in. I think I would have been less embarrassed if he'd walked into me jerking off to porn. At least that was a normal teenage thing to do. And Dad surprised me. He told me not to tell anyone and -obviously- to stop cutting myself. He was gonna keep it a secret. We moved away from Denver the following week.

disequilibrium • ˌdIsiːkwIˈlIbrIəm

Loss or lack of stability or equilibrium

We moved to Phoenix. So there went all my friends and this comfortable little niche I'd carved for myself. There went Dad's job. Not that he couldn't get another one, but moving is expensive and he got stressed out all over again. And I started to realize maybe why he and my mom called it quits. Dad doesn't handle stress well. He gets stressed and honestly, he gets mean. And we've never been close to begin with. Then with me being Special on top of it and the move and money troubles and me being a shit half the time, things escalated. My rules increased. If I didn't listen, he'd yell. If I still didn't listen (you'd think I'd have learned by now) then he'd get physical. I think all "abused" kids say this at some point, but it really wasn't that bad. And I mean it. It was usually just a shoulder shove to get me moving in the direction he wanted or something like that. Swatting me upside the head when I was being stupid was one of his favorites. It wasn't really an issue right up until it was.

I didn't know it at the time, but Dad had been laid off. We'd been in Phoenix for a couple months. I'd made it onto a new soccer team and had a couple tentative friends. I was thirteen. And I was an asshole. I don't even know what the argument was about, but it was something stupid that escalated. I'd never heard Dad yell like that before. Then he took a swing and the world exploded. I'll save you the gory details, but he busted my eardrum and did some damage to my inner ear. Yes, it hurt. Yes, I freaked out. When he realized that I was actually injured, even he freaked out a bit. Guilt, I think, even though I could heal. Except that I didn't really. There was something that got fucked up in my ear. It healed, but it didn't heal right. And Dad didn't want to take me to the hospital. For one, he didn't want to admit that he'd hit me. Two, pretty sure doctors would notice me healing fast. So I dealt with the repercussions on my own. Total hearing loss on my left side and some killer vertigo that hits me out of nowhere. No pun intended.

But then there were other repercussions. I had to quit the soccer team because I fell too much. I did some online research since I couldn't go to the hospital. They're called "drop attacks." I diagnosed myself (thanks WebMD) with BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Basically, if I move my head too fast in the wrong direction, gravity kicks my ass. It's like, if you stand somewhere with your eyes closed, you know gravity is down. Well, sometimes gravity isn't down. Sometimes gravity is over there and half behind me and honestly I just hang on for the ride. It sounds fun, but it's not. Imagine being so off balance that you can't lift your head or sit up or walk or do much of anything besides hang onto the floor because it feels like you're going to roll off of it. It's like being drunk but without the perks. And sometimes it happens more than once a day. Sometimes I can go months and be okay. It all just depends on how much my inner ear hates me.

It's not all bad. It took some adjusting and notes for gym class, but I did get something out of it. I got Dylan. I don't know how I'd missed him up to that point. Probably because I had to start finding other hobbies besides soccer. He was a total science nerd and a Sophomore. I wan't even into high school at the time. But I crashed into the lockers on my way to class and he stopped to help me up. I know what they say about gaydar and all that, but I don't necessarily think it's true. I think it's more like an attraction radar. It's something in the eye contact. But there was this gorgeous guy who's hand was on mine just a little too long, you know? We flirted for weeks before I grew a pair and asked him out. But since we were both kind of in the closet, it was pretty unofficial. We'd make out between classes in any secluded area we could find. Bathrooms. Locker rooms. Supply closets. Empty classrooms. Later on it was cars and parking lots and that one spot behind Mrs. Etson's porch. And then my bedroom, if you catch my meaning.

Dylan was a virgin and so was I. We had no idea what we were doing. But, you know, we were boys and we watched a lot of... research. And we'd worked up to it over a span of months. We dotted the I's and crossed the T's. Technically, we did everything right and it was both awesome and awkward. So I went into my Freshman year of high school with a boyfriend who let me bend him over in the bathroom between classes. I won't lie. It was pretty great.

delinquent • dIˈlIŋkwənt

someone, esp a young person, guilty of delinquency

It was the middle of Freshman year when that went to crap, and not because Dylan wasn't great. He was cute and quirky and he honestly helped me with a lot of school work. Dad did it. See, like I said before, my dad isn't some horrible monster or anything, but he's far from perfect. So when he walked in without knocking when Dylan and I were going at it, shit kinda hit the fan a little bit. I think in some ways, it was just the straw that broke the camel's back for him. And even then, after Dylan literally jumped out the window with half his clothes on and Dad took a healthy couple swings at me, I almost left. I almost chased Dylan out the window and just left with him that night. Looking back, I think I was more than a little in love with him, as much as a fourteen year old kid can love someone like that.

Dad and I talked. And by talked I mean I sat there while he screamed at me. I didn't mention it earlier, but he'd found another job but it didn't pay much. We were barely scraping by as it was. And then with me being a Special and an asshole and then also fucking guys, he'd just about had it with me. I tried to tell him I still liked girls and he seemed somewhat reassured by that, but things between us continued to decline. We argued constantly. And because of the whole fiasco, Dylan and I broke things off. He wasn't ready to come out to his family and I didn't want to screw that up for him. I think he was also a little scared of my dad. So I was heartbroken and pissed off anyway.

Shortly after I turned fifteen, I'd had enough. I was young and stupid, but as much as Dad snapped after catching me with Dylan, I did a little snapping of my own. I was done with his ridiculous rules. I was done getting treated like a leper or like there was something wrong with me. So I waited until Dad was at work. I took whatever money I could find and his credit card. I stole Mrs. Etson's car. I packed up some clothes and some food, and I left. I guess that's something my mom and I have in common.

indigent • ˌˈIndIdʒənt

so poor as to lack even necessities; very needy

I ditched the car and the credit card as soon as I could because I wasn't stupid. I didn't even want to use an ATM, so I found some shady looking people and sold the card to them along with the pin number for two hundred bucks. My next stop was trading the car off for a truck. Again, it was a pretty shady deal and I was fifteen so it's not like any of this was legit. But I'd watched enough movies to know to cover my tracks. So I drove out of state to California... without a driver's license, I might add. Lincoln City. I got a haircut and dyed it red. It was the only color on the discount rack. And mostly, I just drifted around in that beat up truck. I slept in it and took to the streets, looking for work. I delivered newspapers and did some landscaping. Without any bills besides gas for the truck and food, I did okay for myself. But there was still something that wasn't quite right. I missed school.

I didn't exactly have friends, so I got online and tried to teach myself how to forge documents. It didn't go well. I didn't have the stuff to do it. I mean, I didn't even own scissors. So naturally, I saved up money and had someone do it for me anonymously. I bought a driver's license with a fake name and age. But more importantly, I got things like a social security card and birth certificate. I used my own signature for stuff. This meant I could fill out the forms needed to get into school. Without being able to get my previous transcripts, it was said that I was home-schooled up to that point. And then I was in. I mean, I was in deep shit when it came to parent teacher meetings, but I didn't think that far ahead. I just wanted to go learn and have friends. It might seem stupid to most kids my age who hate school, but I was lonely. I needed people.

That's where I met Gunari. See, I was a bit of an outcast as you can imagine. My clothes weren't the best even before I'd left home and I couldn't afford new ones. I wasn't altogether clean, either. Showers were hard to come by when I didn't even have steady access to a bathroom. But I learned something being homeless. Other homeless people will hook you up. They taught me things that I never would have thought of on my own. They don't have much to give, but they know what it's like to have nothing at all and they're awesome about sharing. There were some people that I felt closer to in those first few months than I did my own family. Gunari was no exception. He just wasn't homeless, and that's how I met the Romani.

Let me start off by saying they are some pretty freakishly weird people. They've got weird customs and stuff, but these weren't exactly stereotypical Romani. They helped Specials move in and out of the city. Hell, they forged their own documents and flew under the radar, almost completely off the grid. It was amazing. And I wasn't one of them, not by far. But I hung around a lot. Especially after I met Mirela. She's one hell of a telepath so she knew the whole story anyway. She helped me get better documents and set me up with her brother for parent teacher stuff. But it was Guni who I really hit it off with. The guy's always been a total freak, but he's a good freak. We march to the beat of the same drum even when we sometimes don't speak the same language.

burglar • ˈb3ːglə

a person who commits burglary; housebreaker

During this time, I also met Siyah, Guni's twin sister. She introduced me into a pretty lucrative business. Lucrative, not legal. In my time on the street, I avoided cops quite a bit and despite never taking a driver's ed class, I got pretty good at driving. Particularly getting away from cops. I mean, I got chased a few times. Never got caught. So when I found out that Siyah was breaking into homes, and I had a truck and a lead foot, well, one thing led to another and I ended up being her getaway driver. That doesn't mean I didn't do a bit of thieving of my own. I absolutely did. It was a quick easy way to make money and if you picked the right targets, the risk was minimal.

My pasttime robbing people was maybe why I didn't immediately notice that something was wrong with Guni. But we'll get to that in a minute. First, I have to talk about Mae. How the hell Guni ended up with a friend like Mae is something that will forever confuse the living shit out of me. She's too short to be a model, but holy damn. I remember the first time I met her. I was hanging around the campsite like the loser I was and she was staying with her dad for the week. It seemed like a cruel twist of fate that we hadn't met sooner. And of course she had a boyfriend. Why wouldn't she?

So I got myself a girlfriend. She was this insanely perky blonde that ran with Siyah's crowd named Emma. For the most part, it was a pretty causal thing. Nothing life changing. I was honestly just bored not having someone like that and while I was close with Guni, it wasn't that kind of close. I'd never even seen Guni take a second look at anyone besides our history teacher, Mr. Kurtz. But things with Emma didn't last, which was a shame since she was the one who talked me into getting my dick pierced. Ow. She was fun, but not long-term material. And Guni's health was getting worse.

infatuation • InˌfætjʊˈeIʃən

foolish or extravagant passion

Tuberculosis. Once I figured out how bad it really was, I was scared and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Guni was the closest thing I had to family. He was my best friend and I didn't want him to die. I remember the moment that I really realized how important he was to me. Mirela had all the staff hardwired to ignore visiting hours and it was late. Probably midnight or after. I'd brought some chemistry notes by the hospital and stayed to go over them because Guni fucking sucks at chemistry. I explained the lesson. We played cards. I helped with the homework. I spend that whole evening with him and had fallen asleep with my head on the hospital bed near his thigh. The monitors woke me up with the worst kink in my neck ever, but hearing those things beep? I don't know that I'd ever been that scared. His oxygen had dropped while he slept and a nurse came in to turn it up and intubate him again.

I left the room and went for a walk to clear my head and get some air which is how I first met Rosel. We didn't talk horribly long, but she, uh... she's got a memorable face. It was pretty hard to forget her. I learned later on that she was already friends with Guni and they hung out in the hospital sometimes. I swore to Guni that he had to start introducing me to his pretty friends sooner.

Guni got better. Not great, but better. He went on some killer antibiotics... this time the pun is intended... and the infection slowly started to clear up. There were still inhalers and trips to the hospital, but he was out and that was better than in a coffin. Everyone else kinda gave him space a bit and didn't really know how to treat him, so I teased him about it. I continued to bounce from job to job and mostly live out of my truck or on someone's couch. And let me tell you, it made me pretty nervous when Mae decided to become an Enforcer. That was one very angry, very hot girl. But Guni trusted her and that meant I trusted her. Sort of. When she wasn't throwing things.

extortion • Ikˈstɔːʃən

the act of securing money, favors, etc by intimidation or violence; blackmail

I graduated in 2055, not that it mattered. It was with falsified paperwork. But with more time on my hands, I also started working for the railroad in a more official capacity. I was not only good with people, but I could drive like a badass under pressure, and the cool thing about driving is that you wear a seatbelt. It wouldn't matter quite so much if I had a dizzy spell while driving. My eyes still worked fine and if I could ignore gravity for a few minutes, everything still did what it was supposed to do. I ran supplies, clothes, food, people blankets, documents. It didn't really matter what the cargo was. I drove wherever Mirela told me to go. It didn't exactly pay, but I had a couple part time jobs besides that and there was still the thieving.

The combination of work and more work and the fact that Mae and I both did things for the railroad lent Guni to asking her if she could take on a roommate. I had to put up with her punching bag and yoga mat, but for the first time in a long time, I had an actual room to sleep in and easy access to things like a refrigerator and shower. It was small and cramped and perfect. Mae takes some getting used to, but we made it work. It's been working for the last year. Things are a little tense now because she just broke up with her boyfriend. And by that I mean that dick nugget cheated on her. Like, is the guy blind? Stupid? Both? But Mae's kinda going through a thing right now and she gets a little fighty when she's pissed off. I've been making myself scarce so she doesn't beat me into a pulp which is how I got myself into trouble. Not with cops. Worse.

See I was at this bar. And this isn't one of those "hold my beer and watch this" stories, but I got a little too drunk. Dangerously drunk. And I don't remember everything but I'm pretty sure I said some things I shouldn't have said and I've been getting calls from a number I don't recognize. So far I've been ignoring it, but if I said a fraction of what I think I said, it won't take them long to find me. So while that's hanging over my head, I get to deal with Mae wanting to take a chunk out of my hide and the fact that damn Guni has some muscle definition that I didn't notice before. How the hell does that even happen? Puberty's over but someone forgot to tell Guni's abs that.


• a runaway from the age of fifteen.

• has vertigo and no hearing in his left ear.

• works as a delivery guy for the underground railroad.

• awesome driver with skills for avoiding cops.

• unregistered class 1 Healer and no idea what he's doing.

• super friendly with the Romani types.

• best friend to Gunari Charani and living with Mae Kalderas.


Chase is a friendly, charismatic guy. He's pretty smart, pretty observant but not obnoxious about it, and outgoing. He likes people and he likes to be around them. That being said, he talks a lot and likes to tell jokes, and sometimes he laughs when he really shouldn't. For example, at a funeral. He's got a good heart underneath any of his social faux pas, but he's got secrets, too. He steals to make money and can lie with the straightest face you've ever seen. He's also kind of lazy. So if you're on the friends list, be prepared to deal with all that. As a bonus, though, he can heal all your aches and bruises so that's something.


Oh, probably plenty. Due to his upbringing and circumstances, he doesn't have much patience or tolerance for rich snobs, cops, judgmental jerks, bullies, or racists. If you fall into any of those categories, chances are he won't like you. And while he's normally a friendly guy, he won't hesitate to be a downright bastard to someone he doesn't like. And he fights dirty. He will cut a bitch if necessary. There's also probably people who don't like him for laughing at the wrong times. I'm sure most Enforcers would love to get his hands on him.


He lost his v-card to boyfriend Dylan at the tender age of fourteen and had a girlfriend toward the end of high school, but everything else has been casual or random hookups. His current problem is that he sort of might have a crush on his roommate even if she is super violent. And some pretty sexy feelings for his best friend, Guni. Good luck figuring that one out, Chase.

About The Player

  • Alias: Tara
  • Age: 32
  • Characters: Noah Erikkson, Mirela Charani, Chase Galloway, Jeromie Evans, Abigail Trahan
  • (M)/Smut: Yes
  • Triggers: None
  • Limits: Nothing as long as it's in character
  • Blurb: Whoo, bad at these. I'm a married mother of two girls and I live on a "retired" farm in Indiana. We used to have horses and stuff but we rent the farmland now. My life pretty much centers around my kids and rping, which I've been doing since my high school years. I started out on a site based on the movie The Covenant, then moved to X-Men, then werewolves, mermaids, faeries, a couple real life sites, etc. I've been staff on most sites that I've been on and it's pretty natural to me now. So if you need anything, just let me know!

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 Posted: Jul 31 2017, 09:13 PM
Class 5


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PM | DISCORD #9798

 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 06:07 PM
Ro, Harbinger
Class 4

Chase & Ro

Ro is in my head exclaiming, "FINALLY! I've been running out of good blind jokes."

First off, I love that bit in Chase's bio. She does have a memorable face, doesn't she? I definitely think they would have become friends and still are. Ro appreciates the humor. Self-deprecating humor and blind jokes are one of those not-so-healthy coping mechanisms she's got. I feel like maybe Chase would joke with her, tease her but not in a mean way? She thinks that sort of thing is refreshing since she's used to people walking on eggshells around her. Plus, he's the added benefit of that oddly effective way of jarring her from her panic attacks and it may be entertaining to have that happen in a thread. I also really like the idea of Chase stealing things for her. I got the thought in mind that he steals objects that she can then turn around and use against those on her naughty list. Engagement rings for mistresses, phones filled with incriminating texts, the like. Maybe they meet up one night in the bad side of town so he can give her this item and they then go to some sketchy diner for strawberry milkshakes and jokes? Or, a cop sees him and they have to evade the red and blue lights... stealing is a crime, you know.

 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 01:44 PM
Class 4
Shy IS Offline

Chase & Eilís

I need it! I need this because it seems adorable and Eilís needs cute friends that she can awkwardly third(fourth?) wheel with. Besides if their dynamic remains the same as it is in the icc it will be a beautiful thing. I get the feeling that he will tease her mercilessly, and often, and the car chase would be so much fun to write I think. >.>; Can we do the thing? Whenever you have room for more threads, anyway. @TARA
Isabella Archer
 Posted: Nov 21 2017, 01:09 PM
Class 4
Enforcer Healer
Lex IS Offline

Chase & Bella

Healer to healer, they need to have something happen. Maybe a bit of envy on Chase's end? They're both unregistered so they wouldn't be doing anything obvious, but I can see someone needing help and Chase trying so hard and then he ends up hurting himself, and Bella comes in to save the day, leaving him all pouty (probably). I don't know, but I want it. Bella would wonder why someone (anyone, really) wouldn't automatically like her/want to be her friend, and might try a little extra hard to be likable. Could be fun.
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