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 Alexander, Jayne, 25 | (Electric) | Adelaide Kane |
 Posted: Jun 3 2017, 10:40 PM
Jay, J
Class 5
ICU Nurse

Jayne Alexander

  • full name: Jayne Lucia Alexander
  • age: 25
  • gender: Female
  • occupation: Nurse
  • power/class: None at the moment (Electric Class 5)



  • sexuality: Heterosexual
  • relationship status: Single
  • current partner: None
  • parents: Valentine Alexander (Mother-57), Troy Alexander (Father-61)
  • siblings: Jaxon Alexander (Brother-34)
  • children: None


  • physical ailments: None
  • mental ailments: Claustrophobia
  • allergies: Peanuts
  • addictions: None
  • smoking: Once or twice
  • drinking: Recreational
  • drug use: Nope

Candy, She's Sweet Like Candy In My Veins

Baby, I'm Dying For Another Taste

Once upon a time, there was a perfect family. The kind you really only see in Thanksgiving ads. Perhaps a little cliche, maybe a little overbearing, but genuine and loving at its heart. The kind that entails a chorus of hello’s when you walk through the door. Family meals at the same time every night, with an extra plate of leftovers carefully wrapped away in the fridge for any who wouldn’t make it that evening. Movie nights, game nights, vacations and weekend road trips. The kind of family that keeps home videos and scrapbooks, an archive of every single Christmas and birthday and graduation and wobbly first step. An angel for a mother, a strict but well-meaning father, and a pair of siblings: the protective, doting older brother and the little sister he was tasked with keeping out of trouble.

In case you didn’t know yet, I’m the sister.

My name is Jayne Lucia Alexander, and I was given a childhood that I know many were not blessed with. My middle name means ‘Light’, and that’s what my life was. Nightlights spinning stars across my nursery room’s ceiling. Sunshine warming my skin as I rode my chipped baby blue bike at breakneck speeds down a hill (with training wheels and then without). Spooky stories told by flashlight beneath a tent of bed covers. The sweltering heat of stage spotlights in each violin recital. The warm glow of a fireplace in a winter storm. And a red stoplight, with my feet up on the dash as Jax and I sang at the top of our lungs to a tune we couldn’t carry even if it had handles.

Oh, Jax? Short for Jaxon. He’s that older brother I mentioned a bit ago. Tall, handsome, and entirely too serious for someone who is actually a giant goof. Don’t worry, there’s none of that petty sibling rivalry between us. He is my best friend. He can make me laugh harder than anyone and knows me better than I know myself half the time. I tell him everything. He has always been there for me, from the moment I was born. Every dive off my bike, every playground bully, every scary thunderstorm and each boyfriend. He put the fear of God into each and every perceived threat to my person, and once he was through with them they had to deal with our father. Honestly, between the two of them, I’m not sure how I had a social life.

But, by some miracle I did have one. I ran with the ‘in crowd’, though my parents weren’t entirely thrilled by it. My friends were good people, they just...were the popular type. I became a cheerleader in high school and between that and violin rehearsal I hardly had time to study let alone anything else. But, well, if I stayed up late enough I could sneak out onto the roof and shimmy down the drainpipe just as the parties were really starting up, and no one would be the wiser. The first few times at least. The third time is when Jaxon tracked me down and hauled me home. But he didn’t rat me out that night, or any night after. He certainly added a challenge factor to my sneaking, though.

Oh, don’t give me the judging eyes. I didn’t drink except for the occasional beer and as ‘cool’ as smoking made you look, I just never got the hang of not hacking my way through every single drag of the cigarette, so I didn’t that too much, either. Or drugs, for that matter. Really I just went to those parties to see my friends. Gossip with the girls, check out the cute boys, listen to the music. Maybe kiss a few of those said boys if they played their cards right and if Jaxon hadn’t scared them half to death yet. Out of the group, I was the quieter one, the designated driver, the good girl they teased for being in the orchestra. I didn’t let them get to me too much. I loved, and still love, the violin, and I think they were all a little envious that I could play. And then there was what happened with my dad, and for a little while, it was all anyone could talk about.

I try not to think about it. My father and I weren’t ever especially close, and I feel guilty for it, but, Jaxon was around more often and he was the one I turned to when I needed help. My parents did nothing wrong, save for my father’s distance due to his job, but it was no one’s fault. Except for the Brawns. My mother dropped the phone when she got the call, and even as I’d dialed Jax’s number to tell him I hardly believed it myself. Dad? Nearly killed? It wasn’t possible. He was...he was Dad. There had to be a mistake, but, of course, there was none. Jaxon didn’t handle it well. Oh, he threw himself into becoming an Enforcer. He became more serious, lethally focused and driven to that same grim determination my father was known for. I could not blame him. I was only 16, but it was still terrifying to know that our father had come so close…

My mother was a teacher and my father a now retired police officer, and therefore they both had the uncanny ability to recognize trouble. My friends? Trouble with a capital T. They meant well, but when an adult tells a hormonal teenager ‘No’, some chemical goes off in your brain that makes that thing irresistible, and throw in my father’s accident and suddenly that teenage rebellion skyrocketed. I was an idiot and everyone knew it, but they tried to help. Mom was understanding about it. Being a high schooler is rough, but that didn’t give me permission to chase after my friends with their fake IDs, speeding tickets and numerous warnings from the local police department for a whole list of minor crimes. Maybe that’s why I thought I was invincible. What’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like a cop is going to arrest the old Captain’s daughter. Jaxon became an officer and then an Enforcer, and I was untouchable.

And Every Night My Mind Is Running Around Her

Then It's Getting Louder and Louder

Again with the judgey eyes? Relax, hon. I was the DD, remember? I just didn’t want any of them hurt. I was the voice of reason. The one who offered to pay instead of cramming soda bottles into Brittany’s purse. The one who held Steph’s hair back when she puked her guts out in Eric Fisher’s front yard. I fished Addison out of the pool when she went skinny dipping and called Jaxon when Casey’s tire turned up flat. And it was me, with my geeky orchestra polo and freckles, who dated the captain of the football team.

Dylan Steeves. Ruffled blonde locks, abs you could wash your laundry on and lips that were sweet even when he wasn’t kissing with them. The pride and joy of the school, though, between you and me, that head of his didn’t do much but think about girls and football. He walked with me between classes, kissed me for luck before each game, and asked me to prom with exactly one hundred red roses because we’d been dating exactly one hundred days. Romantic, huh? He was what every girl drooled over and hated me for. And he knew it, too, because he’d flirted with every female figure within a twenty-mile radius.

It was summer after senior graduation. The last big party for all us upperclassmen before we went out into the big wide world. Dylan was talking up a handful of football scholarships and I was looking into nursing school. Georgia seemed promising, but, he hadn’t gotten an offer there. It was fine, my friends were reassuring me. There were other nursing schools around his college prospects. I was nodding, sipping my Angry Orchard when I saw him. Or what I could see of him, peeking out from under her.

I didn’t even know her name. I didn’t care to. She was tall and blonde and curvy in all the right places beneath that little scrap of dress, and he was having trouble surfacing from her lips and keeping his hands from wandering up her backside. I just stared. Brittany was the one who started yelling at him, and Steph yanked the girl off by her hair but he...Dylan just gave them the finger, smirked at me, and went off with his new girl. He apologized later in a text, and Steph tried to explain he’d been drunk and Brittany said he’d been a wreck ever since, but I never opened it.

I left the party or tried to. Casey was the driver that night but she was nowhere to be found. So I called the only person who I cared to see at that moment.

Jaxon pulled up in his patrol car. He didn’t need the lights, but he didn’t seem to care when he left them on and made a beeline for me. I had been vague over the phone, just asking him to please come pick me up, but I burst into tears before he even reached me. After that, I wasn’t entirely understandable, but he listened as he took me back to the car and buckled me in and fished out a packet of kleenex from the glove compartment. That’s when Dylan decided to show back up.

He must have been able to understand my blubbering because the carefully controlled anger on my brother’s face melted into a fury I had never seen before. He stalked to where Dylan was stumbling up, waving a beer in one fist and calling out to me like I wouldn’t hear the sneer in his voice. You know how people have all sorts of crazy ways to get sober quick? I’m here to tell you my brother’s glare works the best. “You come near my sister I'll make sure you never pick up another football in your life.” Dylan either became close to getting sick or fainting or possibly both, because his tan skin went white as a sheet. I closed my eyes and refused to open them until Jax got in the car and pulled away.

That was the turning point for me. Jaxon was gentle, but he explained to me in no uncertain terms that this was no way to live my life. Chasing after questionable friends and boys who wouldn’t remember my name in a month. I deserved more. I understood, and probably had for a while. He walked me inside and waved our mother off when she stood up from her post by the window. I just wanted to sleep and he knew it and headed off Mom’s questions while I trudged up the stairs. The next day he barged into my room with a tub of Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip, a handful of assorted chick flicks, and helped me fill out my application for Georgia State.

Baby, You're Like Lightning In A Bottle

I Can't Let You Go Now That I Got It

College was eye opening, and in more ways than one. It was hard to realize how big the world was and how many problems it had until you were thrust into a new aspect of it. I attended to my studies, played violin in a handful of different clubs and even a few bar bands that liked the sound. And I learned something beyond nursing protocols and first aid and how to check temperatures. There were people who were special, like my brother, and people who were Special. And for all their miraculous talents, they were hated for the very crime of existing.

It didn’t seem fair. They didn’t ask to be that way. They simply were, and they were as much human as I was. Perhaps more so, because I was so incredibly ordinary and they were...well, Special. What kind of cruel irony was it that that the creatures society labeled as less were more? Turned away from jobs, homes, education, common decency. Thrown out of bars I played at, scorned on the street, scared into the areas of the city that no one would want to be in after dark. Yes, I had cause to be fearful after what happened to Dad...but is it bad to say I wasn’t afraid? That Brawn hardly represented the rest. I never became close with any of them, but I could call a few friends. It wasn’t their fault that I was distant. I was just so busy with school and trying to scrape by with whatever odd job I could come up with. But I tried to listen and help when I could. Sometimes I played my violin in the park and gave the tips to any I’d run into on my way home who looked like they needed it. It probably didn’t help a whole lot, but it was all I could think to do.

Music is universal. It doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are. You don’t even have to have an especially good voice or a talent for takes no ability to appreciate it. To get lost in a song and let it speak to you in ways that ordinary words cannot convey. Maybe that’s me being dramatic, but it feels right to say. Emotion, I think, isn’t just a feeling. It can be a sound. A mournful melody in a devastated man’s ear, a springing high note accenting a child’s laugh, a warm undertone in a couple’s lingering smiles. Show me your leaders, your kings and presidents, and tyrants, and I’ll play you a song that will make you forget them entirely until the last note fades away. That’s true power, I think. To hold someone’s heart and attention with little more than a handful of notes.

So I played, and practiced, and gave each jar of dollar bills and quarters away and worked as a waitress when I wasn’t playing or studying or falling asleep in lecture halls. I graduated two years ago at the age of 23 as a registered nurse. I had always wanted to be one, from when I was old enough to know that becoming a unicorn princess wasn’t a likely career path. I will admit though, there was a moment when I stood there with my diploma in one hand and my violin in the other when I thought that perhaps I could have pursued something else. Ah well, too late. Hindsight is twenty-twenty.

All I Need Is To Be Struck

By Your Electric Love

It’s alright, though. I moved to California shortly after graduating and attempted to start in on that fabled glory called Adulthood.Being a nurse is satisfying and it makes me feel like I’m doing good. Okay, so, administering shots and reading temperatures and asking people to please, ah, fill this cup isn’t particularly thrilling. But life is pretty good. I rent an apartment in North Lincoln which is a biiit outside of my realistic budget but it’s right by the hospital I work at, so commuting is just a brisk walk. Plus, it’s easier to get tips playing on busier street corners. I prefer the park, but beggars can’t be choosers. Jax lives just a taxi ride away and honestly if I’m not working or mangling a set of chords, I’m camped out on his couch and eating all his snack food. I’m just looking out for him. The big tough Enforcer has to keep his figure somehow, right?

So...That’s me. A pretty average life. A perfect family, a loving brother, an obsession with music and a nursing degree. Nothing too spectacular. I am content. After all, we can’t all be special.


Jayne lives in a nice apartment in North Lincoln and works at the hospital as a registered nurse. She plays the violin and it's her passion, along with music in general. She spends most of her free time busking on street corners or in parks, playing her violin and giving any earnings to those in need. She is talented and expressive. Her brother is her best friend and she loves her family dearly. Recently, however... Jayne's life has exploded. Literally. Turns out, there was a Class Five Electric hiding behind that sweet-faced nurse. After nearly killing her brother, Jayne is struggling to gain control and a sense of her new life as one of Lincoln City's most powerful Electrics. But...honest... she's still just as sweet as can be.


Jayne is bubbly, fun loving and whole heartedly kind. She’s got a witty sense of humor and a quick laugh that makes her infectious energy hard to resist. She is polite to a fault with those signature Southern “Yes Ma’am’, No Sir”’s, generous, and perhaps dangerously trusting. She enjoys talking and getting to know someone and is perfectly content to sit on a couch or go out dancing or anything in between. Tell her your worries and she’ll listen. Ask for her help and she will give it with no question. Her loyalty is unwavering and she will defend you until the bitter end. She knows no strangers and treats everyone with respect.


Even angels have enemies, but you’d be hard pressed to find one of Jayne’s. Though no one in particular has sparked her ire, she is fiercely protective of those who would be brought down by others. She believes respect is a right everyone deserves, whether you’re Special or Human. Although her brother is an Enforcer, she isn’t afraid to stick up for Specials. If she witnesses it, she won’t hesitate to call someone out on their ignorance and hate, no matter who or what they are. This has earned her some disdain from people, but she hardly bats an eye. She’s reckless when angry and a firecracker if you’ve upset her. Don’t mistake her sweet demeanor as weakness.


Oh, love! Jayne has had a string of boyfriends on and off over the years, and she’s a hopeless romantic at heart. Flowers, chocolates, hand holding, sappy smiles… yeah, she’s that girl. She’s not one for casual encounters or one night stands, but these things do happen and if the mood’s right, why not? Between her shifts at the hospital, busking and tagging along in her brother’s shadow she isn’t openly looking for a relationship and is content as she is, but casual flirting and dating never hurt anyone and she’ll entertain the idea if it’s someone she’s connecting with. Plus, you’ve got to get her brother’s approval, and for some reason the good girls seem to be a magnet for troublemakers...

About The Player

  • Alias: Imaginary
  • Age: 24
  • Characters: Rosel Silvia, Delta Morello, Jayne Alexander, Darci Garland and Rebecca Carlisle
  • (M)/Smut: Sure
  • Triggers: Nadda
  • Limits: None, but if you have concerns I’d be more than happy to discuss it.
  • Blurb: First things first, call me Ima. Anything else is just, sheesh, so formal. I live in the mountains of East Tennessee with my three puppies- er, dogs, named Kaze, Joker, and Zuko. They’re essentially my children and I am more than happy to show you as many pictures of them as you can handle, and then some. I’m your typical Hufflepuff and I love Star Wars, art, good ole southern charm, books, and I’m only a little bit addicted to Pinterest, I swear. I’ve been roleplaying since I was a kid but this is my first time as an admin, so be gentle! I’m excited to learn and eager to please, and will try to be of the best assistance as I can be if you ever have any questions. I love to talk about my characters and have a good time and even though I make myself cringe on occasion, please feel free to say hi! I won’t bite!

Ima . EST . PM Discord#7470

 Posted: Jun 4 2017, 10:02 AM
Class 5


+ welcome to Code 8
Please don't forget to post in the face claim, member directory, and power claim. We look forward to seeing you around the site!
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PM | DISCORD #9798

 Posted: Jun 21 2017, 01:20 PM
Class 5
Lex IS Offline

holly & jayne

We clearly have to do something with these two because they're both class 5's and they both don't have a lot of control of their powers (or any at all)... and their ship name is "Jolly". Like wtf, it's a match made in Code 8.

You know the basics. Holly is 21 (maybe 22, idk when her birthday is lol), on the run for accidentally killing her parents and burning their Seattle home to the ground. She's living in a cheap-ass southside apartment with a few other Specials, trying not to get caught or killed. Yay.

From here, they can happen upon each other somewhere (Holly goes wherever she can to get money/supplies/food), where maybe Holly is trying to steal from her or Jayne loses control or whatever. IDK my ideas are limited right now, but I'm honestly up for anything. She obvs thinks Jayne is super attractive, but also knows what it's like to lose control. Bonding opportunities ftw.

If you have any ideas HMU.

Jeromie Evans
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 06:30 PM
Class 4
factory supervisor
Tara IS Offline

Jeromie & Jayne

   I don't know if you have someone who's going to teach Jayne some control and/or tricks with her newfound powers, but Jeromie here would be willing. They could know from when he tried to save his daughter's life. He got some injuries of his own and was probably in the hospital for a day or two and he could have met Jayne then. This was just a couple years ago, and he's registered and doesn't go to any pains to hide what he is, so she could always look him up.  
Jeromie Evans
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 09:02 PM
Class 4
factory supervisor
Tara IS Offline

Jeromie & Jayne

  I am totally good with all of this. Jeromie wouldn't have been opposed to keeping in touch after his hospital stay so it'll be awesome when he finds out she's an Electric. And he'd absolutely teach her control. Jayne's so afraid of her powers right now and Jeromie's in my head like "no, that's not gonna work." So when he finds out, especially if she tells him what happened with Jax, he'll tutor her. He's a busy guy so I don't know when he'll tutor her, but he will. Because she can't really hurt him anyway so... -shrug- He'd show her how to not be afraid of it, how to use it, direct it, laugh and offer her some sweet tea when she blasted them both.  
clayton caldwell
 Posted: Dec 29 2017, 12:25 PM
Class 4
social worker
Cheshire IS Offline

jayne & clay

So I'm not sure where you are with her powers being revealed and all that, but I definitely think that she and Clay would work well together. He'd definitely want to help her out once her powers manifest. He's also always looking for volunteers.

Just let me know if you think these two would fit?

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