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 Posted: Sep 6 2016, 04:46 PM
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The year is 2061 in Lincoln City, California. This is a fictional city in the south of the state, so the climate is dry and hot for most of the year. The Pacific coast is perhaps an hour and a half drive to the west with ample beaches and some truly spectacular cliff faces. The population is approximately four hundred thousand and steadily growing.

There are four main sections to Lincoln City.

South Lincoln is the poor area of town. There are dilapidated apartment buildings, factories that provide cheap labor, fast food joints galore, pawn shops, and a few more reputable places, but not many. This is where many of the specials live, forced there by prejudice.

Westside is the suburbs of Lincoln City. The homes are large and most of them are newer. It is filled with the humans of the city with well-paying jobs, two point five kids, and picket fences. There are small strip malls, a few charming restaurants, and many tailored shops that sell trinkets and custom made items.

Eastside is the shopping district. Here is where you can find larger chain stores, malls, and where people go for groceries. There are restaurants on every corner, ranging from McDonald's to five star establishments for the upper class. The roads are wide and parking garages serve to keep the parked vehicles off the street, where many people walk from shop to shop.

North Lincoln is the business district and the hub of the city. This is where the government buildings are located including the police station, City Hall, and a large, level one hospital. This is also the financial district of the city and it contains many large-story office buildings and trade centers for the white collars.

For more in depth information about specific locations, visit our Locations thread here!


  • Vehicles now come equipped with many self-driving features and the roads have been updated with technology to enable this which includes fiber optics and sensors along the sides of the road to prevent accidents.
  • Hover vehicles are uncommon still, but often used in medical emergencies, by the armed forces, and for highly guarded politicans and celebrities.
  • Cell phones are a thing of the past and have been replaced by a device called a "chip" which is about the size of a usb with a holographic screen. This chip works as a phone, debit card, ID, and much more.
  • Robotics have taken a giant leap forward and many robotics are now available to purchase that will clean homes, create projects, work as assistants, walk dogs, assist the handicapped, act as rescue therapists, and much more.
  • Overpopulation has taken up much free space to plant gardens and crops, and many buildings, bridges, and other structures are featuring vertical gardens to grow plants and food for the community.
  • Genetic engineering has discovered a few key components that make up a person's physical features and citizens can now pay money to have their genetic code altered to produce naturally-occurring, vibrant hair colors, custom skin patterns, custom eye colors, and much more.
  • Science has also determined methods to give same sex couples their own biological offspring, though many cases require the use of a surrogate mother to carry the child until it's born.
  • Drones have a new type available to monitor Special activity while that person is under observation, probation, or house arrest. About the size of a cat, it will follow the individual around, ready to release sedatives if necessary, though most are larger, remote piloted aircraft that will release robotic drone agents to control a situation until Enforcers arrive.


  • Genetic disorders now have a cure.
  • Prosthetics have taken a great leap forward and now even the most standard prosthetics come equipped with advanced robotics that allow for the limb to read brain waves and muscle mimicry.
  • Diagnostics are a lot better and most doctors can diagnose most illnesses within a couple weeks of the onset of symptoms, if not before symptoms even occur.
  • Programs are available where people can volunteer for medical testing and get reduced prison sentences, financial assistance, and more. It's likely that this would be strongly suggested to many Specials.

Special Registration

  • Tattoos are now required for all registered Specials. It's a barcode placed on the back of the person's neck with special ink that can't be covered up or removed and when scanned, it will bring up that Special's case file.
  • Powers can no longer be used in public without prior authorization or in the event of a life threatening event, and only if they are used to save the life of the Special or someone under extreme duress. First offense is a fine of $1000. Second offense is a class two misdemeanor. Third offense and higher is jail time.
  • Specials can get their sentences reduced if they agree to submit to medical testing.


With the threat that Specials pose, the police force has become more militarized. There are still everyday police for most human infractions, but there is a special force who receive more training called Enforcers. They are skilled in combat and negotiation techniques and have specialized weapons that use higher force than that of the average police issue Glock. They are often called in to track down Special suspects who might be on the run, to negotiate tense situations where a Special is holding others hostage, or to act as bounty hunters if need be.

These Enforcers use their special training, which isn't just physical but also psychological in nature, to help keep the Special threat at bay. They are masters at protecting the human population and are trained to recognize special abilities (and to fight against them in most cases). They also handle all of the registrations that Specials must go through and determine which class a Special person is placed into.


The social structures have changed with the appearance of those with special abilities. Most normal racism, homophobia, and other bigotry is a thing of the past as humanity united against a common threat: Specials. The color of someone's skin or the creed they live by matters less and less as tensions rise with Specials on the receiving end.

Humans can still be poor, of course. They can still be judged wrongly, mistreated, and live in poverty. Many specials have families who are entirely human and are judged simply for having "one of them" in the family tree.

Many humans, however, are living normal lives either ignorant of the new racism or party to it. Enforcers are practically exalted as saviors of the human race even though a few of them bend the rules in favor of undue cruelty. Not all Enforcers are bad, however. Some of them see the problem and try to help, but nobody listens. The media subtly but effectively keeps Specials right where they are, subjugated and controlled while praising those without powers for being pure.

Some are starting to notice the tension, though. People are angry without knowing why. They feel the sting of injustice on both ends. At some point, the pot will boil over. The only question is who will strike the first blow.

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