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 Darwin III, Benjamin, 48 - Special - RDJ
Benjamin Darwin Iii
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 07:48 PM
Class 4
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Benjamin Darwin III

  • full name: Benjamin Harrison Charles Christopher Emmanuel Harvard Darwin III, Esq.
  • age: 48, May 30th 2012
  • gender: male
  • occupation: lawyer/ resistance leader
  • power/class: Feeler class 4


  • face claim: Robert Downey Jr.
  • height: 5' 9"
  • tattoos: none
  • piercings: none
  • scars: surgery scars from heart surgery as a child, legit chunk missing/shark bite mark/ prosthetic left foot combo


  • sexuality: pansexual
  • relationship status: single
  • current partner: none
  • parents: Benjamin Harrison Charles Christopher Emmanuel Harvard Darwin Junior (74), Annabelle Wilhemina Darwin (nee Waterstone-Kinsley) (73)
  • siblings: Marcus Darwin (45), Veronica Darwin-Islington (43), Lucius Darwin (42), Joyce Darwin-Camberleigh (42), Genevieve Darwin-Mayfair
  • children: none


  • physical ailments: missing left foot; walks with a limp; mild photophobia
  • mental ailments: none
  • allergies: most pain killers
  • addictions: none
  • smoking: cigars, socially
  • drinking: socially
  • drug use: none

old money

is the best money

If 'white privilege' had a dictionary definition, then Benjamin Harrison Darwin the Third's picture would be right next to it. Oh, he'll talk a good game about being a part Iroquois on his mother's side - and a good portion of his time is spent lobbying for the rights of indigenous peoples as well as for the rights of Specials - but he knows well enough that he wasn't so much born with a silver spoon in his mouth as he was a platinum one. One that had been in the family for generations.

The Darwins, of course, made their money from slavery. Ben will readily admit that slavery and opium formed the majority of the money that enables him to do what he does. The rest of the money comes from his being a highly successful lawyer. He practises as a corporate lawyer for his uncle's tech company, but he'll happily take on the cause of the underdog in civil rights cases as well - and for free.

When A Child Is Born


Ben was born into a world where his name alone was enough to open doors. He'd been lucky in that respect; his great-uncle, his grandfather's elder brother, had died without issue or marriage as the terminology goes, so younger brother Benjamin inherited everything when their very traditional father died a year or so later. Family legend has it that Great-Uncle Robert was gay and died of AIDS, but his death certificate at least puts paid to the latter. Unless the coroner was well bought off (which, to be honest, Ben the third wouldn't find surprising) Robert was involved in a car accident and died of internal bleeding. Another family legend suggests that Ben the first paid the driver of the car to take his brother out so that he could inherit but... Well, legends aren't always the full truth.

In any case, the eldest grandson of Ben Senior was born on a warm summer evening, a hale and apparently hearty child who could make himself heard without being too loud about it. No screaming temper tantrums for him, no terrible twos or whining about how things weren't fair; Ben was raised by nannies and governesses who had good heads on their shoulders and who would listen to his ramblings. Fate saved up tantrums, teething problems and 'it's not fairs' for Ben's younger siblings. Ben, as the eldest, got what he asked for. And because he was raised by nannies and governesses as much as he was his mother, a lot of what he asked for benefitted others instead of himself. Oh he always had the latest video games and technology, and he had a bodyguard before he was out of diapers, and a butler before he started kindergarten. But he was always mindful of others, and of his family history. His kindness was never out of any misplaced sense of trying to recompense others for historic wrongs, although people try to spin things that way when he bends their noses out of joint. It was just because that was the right thing to do. At some point one of his governesses informed him that being a real man was about doing the right thing even if you don't want to, and little Ben lapped that up. The Darwins (family motto: we put the FUN in dysfunctional) were mostly too busy with other things - like Marcus' lack of anger management or Veronica's terrible twos - to really notice Ben at all, other than his officially being the heir and thus going through all the extra bullshit that that entailed. There was a somewhat tricky time when at the age of seven he passed out during a game of soccer and medical tests revealed that he needed heart surgery but… Well, he was a Darwin. He still bears faint scars, but they are very faint. And despite missing a term of school, he was more than studious enough to graduate elementary school with his classmates.

He was ten when he first felt like he was different to other people. The Whole Specials thing was still pretty big news, even though his parents tended to ignore it as below the family notice. But Ben did start to notice. He started to notice how his father's butler would smile when he told him to lighten up, not in an indulgent 'your father pays my wages' way, but as if Ben had said something truly heartening. He noticed the way the school bully would hesitate when Ben - a short boy with known medical issues and glasses and all - pushed his own fear outwards onto the boy. He noticed especially when the fear seemed to affect more than one person, when the bully thought numbers might make things go his way. Ben would stand as tall as he could, trembling almost, but he would hold his head high and think his fear at people who might try to hurt him. And they would leave him alone.

Listen, Nod, Agree… Then Do What You Were Going To Do Anyway

-early adulthood-

This ability to go untroubled led to an increase in Ben's confidence. Although his heart was fixed he never really joined the jock crowd at school, but they all knew him. He was part class clown, part teacher's pet, and his parties were always the best attended despite a certain lack of alcohol provision. Ben is of the opinion that a party that requires alcohol to get the action going is no sort of party at all, and it's an opinion that comes from lots of observations of his family members' reactions to booze. He stopped his parents from fighting whilst drunk more than once as he grew up, and whilst he doesn't mention it much because airing dirty laundry is rude, one of his best achievements, he thinks, was convincing his mother to check in to rehab for alcohol addiction. She was a mean drunk, and he remembers seeing the relief in his father's eyes as she agreed to go. Annabelle had never lashed out at her children - they were rarely around for her to lash out at - but Ben is sure that his dad hid more than a few bruises from them at times.

He's not sure how much of his persuasiveness comes from his powers, but they certainly provided a large measure of recklessness in him. Graduating as class valedictorian, he was accepted into Harvard to study law. It was pretty much a sure bet that he would have ended up at Harvard in any case, it was his father's alma mater and being a full fee paying student didn't hurt either. But as circumstances had it, he wound up having to defer his entry to University due to an accident in which he lost the majority of his lower left leg. It was a simple surfing accident. One minute he was happily riding waves off the Gulf of Mexico, next thing he remembers is waking up in hospital with a stump for a leg and a lot of pain. His friends say it was a tiger shark that tried to chow down on him and he has no reason to disbelieve them.

In any case, his entry to Harvard was deferred as he learned to walk again. And it was while he was in rehabilitation that he learned more about how the other half lives, so to speak. He had known that he was privileged, but no amount of money was going to make him walk again without the right people helping him, and the right people weren't always the ones who cost the most money. Ben Junior might have thought that, but Ben Three had a whole lot of say in how he learned to walk again. And that led to him meeting people who worked hard for a living, who had real world experience of the sort of bullshit Ben himself would never have to go through, who lived day by day, hand to mouth, hoping for a decent week's wages or a small tax rebate or whatever might keep the heating on and food on the table. As far as he's concerned, losing part of his leg is part of what has made him the philanthropist he considers himself to be today.

If we fight we might lose, but if we don't we've already lost


Ben studied corporate law. It was where the best money was, and despite his near invisibility on the family paparazzi-o-meter he still held some pride in earning money. But he interned at not for profit organisations during his summer months, and found himself coming face to face with more and more Specials being targeted for something as arbitrary as a gene that gave them an extra evolutionary boost. By this time he was pretty sure that he had a Special gene as well, although he didn't talk about it to anyone. His dad would disinherit him if he knew; Ben Junior was very much an 'Us' type of person; it's Us versus Them, and 'them' means anyone that isn't rich, white and 'normal'. Ben Three… well, he's managed not to let himself be tarred with that brush. Agreeing to work for his uncle helped; setting up a small civil rights firm of his own… well, not so much. It’s a thing that is tolerated in the family as some sort of eccentric form of restitution, even though that’s not Ben’s actual reason for doing it.

He’s become a big name in liberal circles because of his views on just about everything, which is another area in which he can clash with his family. They’re pretty stuck in their ways about things, and that’s their loss as far as Ben’s concerned. His parents are both hankering after heirs now, but Ben is pretty married to his work. He’s yet to build a political platform around equality for all, but it seems like it’s only a matter of time. Assuming that he doesn’t accidentally out himself as a Special in the near future, he plans to continue being a voice for those too different to be considered worthy of being listened to.


Unlike a lot of people in his family’s social circles, Ben is an outspoken supporter of rights for basically anyone who isn’t from a rich WASP background. And while he’d not call himself a pacifist, he’s all for a more diplomatic attempt at equality than a violent coup. Violence, he believes, makes the Resistance no better than those who are against them, and it’s a perennial truth that the oppressed must work twice as hard for even half the reward that the oppressors get. And in truth, he feels that Specials being violent is an easy way for the tables to turn. He doesn’t want to turn the tables, he wants to level the playing field. Push for equality, not superiority. The road might be hard, but in his opinion, the world will be better for having walked it that way.


Ben is a charmer. Even without his Feeler abilities, he seems to know exactly what to say to get what he wants from a person without it seeming like it was his idea. He knows how to work a room


Ben tries not to make enemies of people. He’s aware that his views make him unpopular in certain circles, and he’s not beyond the reach of death threats from ignorant assholes, but on the whole he’s an amicable bloke.


Ben is pretty much married to his work. That’s not to say that he won’t indulge in one night stands or brief affairs, just that getting him to commit to a long term relationship might take some work

About The Player

  • Alias: Rokk
  • Age: 33
  • Characters: Nicholas Wright and Ben here
  • (M)/Smut: sure
  • Triggers: none
  • Limits: talk to me and we'll see.
  • Blurb: I'm a quarter Bosnian-Serb, but I was born and raised in the UK. I read a lot. I code a little. I like learning other languages but my pronunciation is awful.

Rokk . GMT . Discord

 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 10:46 PM
Class 5
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Benjamin Darwin Iii
 Posted: Apr 18 2018, 02:09 PM
Class 4
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Veronica Steele
 Posted: Apr 20 2018, 05:40 PM
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ronnie & ben

Ummmm I'm totally down for this. Honestly I can see Ronnie still asking him how he is and how things are going and then giving him "the look" if he gives a bullshit answer. And now that she's mayor, she's gonna want as many true friends (aka people who won't screw her over for personal gain) as possible. Ben would totally be considered a friend - one with deep pockets and a lot of sway in many circles. \o/
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